OnlyFans star Carlos Daniel will donate proceeds to Casa Frida

In Carlos Daniel’s OnlyFans account you can satisfy your desires… to help the community, and much more.

Carlos Alfonso Salazar, a Mexican producer of OnlyFans better known as Carlos Daniel, announced that will donate the profits obtained on the platform to the shelter for LGBT + people Casa Frida.

On November 19, 2021, Carlos, a native of Nuevo León, began a campaign to raise funds for the organization located in CDMX. He put a discount, at only 150 pesos, the subscription to his OnlyFans account. In addition, he announced that All proceeds from that day until November 26, 2021 will be donated to Casa Frida.

Give back to the community

On Interview with Homosensual, Carlos Daniel explained why he decided to support Casa Frida through your OnlyFans account:

«I belong to the LGBT + community. My income in OnlyFans is thanks to the community, to the people who pay and who consume my content. That is why I wanted to give back to those people in the community.

Carlos Daniel also commented that he is aware of the problems faced by people in the community, such as discrimination, financial hardship or sexually transmitted infections, so wants to contribute a grain of sand through his OnlyFans account. KNOW SOME CASES OF PEOPLE HELPED BY CASA FRIDA.

Clear accounts

Homosensual also contacted Raul Caporal, co-director of Casa Frida. The activist said that The organization signed a collaboration agreement with Carlos Alfonso Salazar as a guarantee so that those who subscribe to the OnlyFans account know that the money will actually reach the shelter.

For his part, Carlos Daniel explained to this medium how the resource donation agreement works through your OnlyFans account. Before starting the campaign, Carlos sent Raúl Caporal a screenshot with the amount of his account. In addition, promised to send another capture of the amount at the end of the campaign and donate 100% of the proceeds during the week.

OnlyFans with a cause

This is not the first time Carlos has donated to worthy causes through his OnlyFans account. In March 2021, a Forest fire that threatened to consume 7000 hectares. In this situation, Carlos put his OnlyFans subscriptions on a discount and announced that he would donate the proceeds to the Heroic Fire Department of Nuevo León.

Carlos Daniel’s tweet about his proposal to support Nuevo León firefighters / Photo: Twitter (@ danielmonterre6)

Through his OnlyFans account, Carlos Daniel managed to raise 9500 pesos. He donated half in the form of pantries to those affected by the firewhile the other half handed it over cash to firefighters. In this regard, Carlos told Homosensual how the initiative to help was born:

«The initiative of the firefighters was born because I am originally from Santiago, which is where these fires occurred. I lived there and I felt identified because I went through an extremely difficult situation. In 2010, Hurricane Alex happened in Santiago and I lived in a house on the bank of a river, then the hurricane completely took it away. I was left without a home, I was left without clothes and I did not eat for many days. This made me understand that when this type of catastrophe happens in the community, many people come with help that you do not expect. So I said: “If they helped me at some point, why not do it later” ».

With the proceeds, Carlos bought pantries for victims and donated the rest in cash to the firefighters. / Photo: Courtesy of Carlos

After helping her home community through her work at OnlyFans, now Carlos Daniel will support the LGBT + community through Casa Frida. If you want to subscribe to his account, you can do it through this link.

So now you know: if you want to satisfy your most intimate desires to help Casa Frida, you can subscribe to the OnlyFans account of Carlos Alfonso Salazar, better known as Carlos Daniel.

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