Nicole Kidman recounted her failed date with driver Jimmy Fallon and it became a trend

A video from 2015 returned this Monday to be a trend on social networks, which recalls the failed romance among australian actress Nicole Kidman and the conductor and comedian Jimmy Fallon, for being hilarious.

The images unfold In the middle of the set of the Fallon show, when she brings up a meeting proposed by a mutual friend, where he he flatly ignored her, as he justified, because “he was nervous.”

Despite the fact that the anecdote was known six years ago, this Monday it went viral again on social networks as part of a slogan that caught the tweeters.

However, it was later known that the driver not only rejected her that time, but … he did it twice! The thing is Kidman was in love with the popular comedian, before being in a couple.

In the aforementioned meeting, Fallon didn’t understand Nicole’s attempts to date him. Commenting on the awkward head-on moment, the driver joked: ‘I’m happy that you’re here, I’m glad you’re really back. ‘

While bursting into a fit of laughter, Nicole said: ‘Oh God, I didn’t want to go back! Well I’m in a new movie LionsSo that’s why I’m here.

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