Miguel Herrera wants to fish in Chivas and take Fernando Beltrán for the Clausura 2022


The Mexican midfielder would be one of the discards of the rojiblancos for the next championship.

Nene Beltrán would be on the Chivas transfer list
© Imago 7Nene Beltrán would be on the Chivas transfer list

Chivas broke ranks after elimination against him Puebla in the repechage round and will return to training until December 6. However, the work in the offices has not stopped and they have already set the objective of restructuring the team of Michel Leaño Facing the Closing 2022.

+ Chivas stove football heading to the 2022 Opening of the MX League

Along these lines, the names of the players who would be discarded for the next tournament have already been leaked. In the list the figure stands out Fernando Beltran, who has not been able to ‘take off’ after all the potential that was envisioned at the time and for which Chivas would like to obtain a good economic return in the transfer window.

And from the north there would already be someone interested in the services of ‘Nene’: according to information from Televisa reporter Diana Mac, Miguel Herrera would be putting pressure on the board of UANL Tigers to hire Beltrán in the Clausura 2022. “Those led by Piojo Herrera have Fernando Beltrán on the radar for the next tournament”, reads a tweet from the journalist.

According to the Transfermarkt portal, specialized in the appreciation of players, Beltrán has a cost that amounts to 2.5 million dollars, a figure more than acceptable for one of the institutions with the most economic power in all of Aztec football.

For Chivas, the sale of the midfielder would be a good entry of money to undertake future signings, and is that the line of the directors of the Herd for the next sale of passes is marked by the words of Ricardo Peláez: let out so they can enter.


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