Mexico needs fivefold oncologists; there are 2 thousand 202: Jorge Alcocer

Malignant tumors are the third leading cause of death in the country, but the specialized professionals in Mexico are only 2,220 oncologists, insufficient to serve 80 million adults and children, stressed the Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer Varela, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the National Cancer Institute (INCan).

“The deficit will be much more marked in the coming years, that is, Mexico needs to quintuple the number of medical oncologists, since currently we only have 473 or what is the same 3.75 medical oncologists for every million inhabitants, when the recommendation is 20 for every million inhabitants ”, said the secretary.

He explained that of the 2 thousand 202 oncologists, 43 percent are surgical oncologists, 42 percent are medical oncologists and 15 percent, radiation oncologists; Therefore, he stressed that it is time to face the challenges and prepare a transition to the new generations, who will be responsible for managing, improving and enhancing oncology in Mexico.

Must encourage scientific research throughout our country, Well, from the generation of knowledge, development arises and I have no doubt that we have enough talent to increase our research capacity, it is our obligation to open research opportunities for all those healthcare professionals who wish to do so, in this way we will be closing the gaps of inequity ”, he specified.

For his part, the general director of INCan, Abelardo Meneses, stressed that throughout its 75 years of existence, the institute has been consolidated through four main pillars that converge in medical assistance, research, administration and teaching.

He highlighted the work of his board of trustees that gave rise to the institute and now supports issues of prevention and timely diagnosis; In addition, he said that INCan is strengthened through its unions, whose differences end in convergences that watch over the workers.

“It has been moving towards the formation of functional units, the concept of bringing the group of specialists of each neoplasm closer to the patient, who is not a doctor in caring for the patient, but a collegiate, multidisciplinary group because that is how we define the cancer management and that has made it possible to reduce costs, start treatment earlier, follow-up patients, since we have to take different clinical behaviors and we also generate research ”, he specified.

He stressed that thanks to the medical research work, INCan is ranked first in publications with a high impact factor in the country, “We are the institution that has the highest number of publications and the greatest impact.”

In his opportunity, the executive director of the INCan Board of Trustees, Alfredo Calvo, highlighted that the engineer Francisco González concluded his term as president of the board, after 10 years working tirelessly, and Alejandro Legorreta assumes the presidency.

“From the entire board of the institute that we feel privileged to be able to serve together with you, from our trench and lead the institute not only in Mexico City but throughout the country to be this leader of reference in research, training, research These 75 years are only the beginning of many things to come, ”said Alfredo Calvo.

He added that the board has great challenges: “And we know that we are going to achieve this through Dr. Abelardo Meneses and his entire team that works tirelessly in education, research, in medical management, we know that all days, at all hours ”.

In addition, Alcocer Varela also stated that deaths caused by malignant tumors have historically been on the rise and they do not respect age or sex, since they are among the main causes of death in the country, in practically all age groups.

It surpasses infectious diseases as the main health threat.

“Malignant tumors occupy the third place among the main causes of death in our Mexico, a not very comforting position if we consider that they are only behind heart disease and diabetes, hence the importance of having enough specialized health professionals”, concluded.



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