Kelly Clarkson compares Ariana Grande’s fame to BTS’s

Monday, August 23, at night Kelly clarkson was a guest on the talk show “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”. He couldn’t talk about the new season of The Voice, which will debut on September 20, where she will act as a technician with the debutante Ariana Grande.

When asked about his new colleague, Kelly was all praise and recounted an unusual situation that has to do with the popularity of the “rookie.” She says that in the opening the presenter Carson daly always call a technician at a time and the audience (who is back) reacts. However, on Ariana Grande’s turn, the shock it is obviously older.

«Looks like it’s the BTS coming in«Kelly Clarkson compared. After all, she knows very well that BTS fans are very warm.

Now that we’re back with the live audience, we’ve been out for a few seasons, and when we go in, the techs come in separately. Like, they introduce us: ‘Here comes John Legend.’ You know how it is? It’s kind of silly. So when I walk in, people say ‘whoosh’, John walks in and they do the same, and when Ariana walks in, it literally feels like BTS has walked into the place. They go crazy! And Blake is last and looks very embarrassed. Blake is like, ‘Can I go before Ariana? This is shameful’”Explained Kelly Clarkson.

The first episodes of The Voice they have been prerecorded and only return in the live phase. In addition to highlighting the great ovation caused by the singer, Kelly Clarkson enjoy much to work with Ariana Grande and also get to know her better.

«I love her. We’ve seen each other several times before, but we’ve never really been able to talk. And she is so funny! It is very ingeniousKelly began.

We have never had a coach like her. I’ve been there for eight seasons, and in those seasons I’ve never seen a coach talk so much about vocal health …”He added.

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