Judge ends her guardianship

After several hearings in recent months, today Britney Spears managed to get his tutelage, after almost 14 years in which his father took control of his life and finances.

The judge Brenda penny ordered this Friday the end of legal guardianship of the American singer Britney Spears immediately after 14 years.

That decision came a month after the upper cut culminated a five-month odyssey in which Spears publicly demanded the din of guardianship, hired his own lawyer, also had his father removed from the control that challenged him, and finally obtained Liberty to make your own medical, financial and personal decisions.

Finally, it was expected that the Court judge superior made this decision and there was little support left for the existing legal arrangement. But Penny did not give clear signals on what her decision would be. Even earlier this year it seemed that the guardianship could last for years. Then the changes came with surprising speed.

New Netflix documentary based on the singer released

Britney Spears has gone viral not only for her talent, but has been publicly linked for her search unreachable of freedom in the face of his father’s deprivation Jame Parnell Spears.

It is because of that Netflix launched a film based on the life of the singer, which is titled “Britney vs Spears” and which premiered on September 28, 2021.

This project tells the explosive life story of Britney and her public and private search for freedom. With years of investigative work, exclusive interviews and new documents, this Netflix feature film paints a comprehensive portrait of the pop star’s journey from the neighbor to a woman trapped by fame and family and her own legal status.


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