Hugh Jackman undergoes his umpteenth biopsy

Hugh jackman has announced on his profile Twitter who has recently undergone a biopsy after your doctors detected “something irregular” in the epidermis of your nose. It must be remembered that the Australian actor has already had to fight even in six times with the carcinomas that appeared regularly in that area of ​​his face, so it is an intervention he is used to.

“I recently went to see my wonderful dermatologists Lisa and Trevor. They saw something a little irregular In Myself nose, so I had a biopsy “, Hugh has written that this time he has not used humor (as much as he likes to joke, especially with his good friend, Ryan Reynolds) but has reported his real state of health, that “everything is probably fine” and has told his fans (and probably himself) that there is nothing to worry about right now.

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“Thank you all for your worry. I will give you more information about what happens, but probably everything is fine. If you see me on the street with this, do not be alarmed, “he added about the new band aid covering his nose. “And a couple of additional notes: get regular checkups on your skin, never think that this cannot happen to you and, above all, always apply sunscreen,” he added.

Of course, the best message that can be sent. When you go out, always with protection.

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