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If you’re already at the fourth floor, this is for you!


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As we blow out candles, we realize that this look that we were sensational when we were 20, we no longer look so good when we turn 30, and that, therefore, the very long hair that we were looking for so much in our 30s, suddenly it doesn’t make us feel so comfortable anymore.

Beyond fashions, the reason why we changed haircut over the years, it’s because our appearance reflects about us in certain stages of our life.

If right now that you are 40, 40 and many, 50 or more, and you want to have a look that besides looking super in trend, reflect the woman you are at this specific moment, we leave you some ideas that can inspire you. Remember that the years are not synonymous with boring!

– Below the shoulders and layered –

Being 40 or older does not mean that you should get rid of your hair. One of the most applauded looks is that of Jennifer Aniston, who at 52 has chosen to wear these long layers with subtle blonde highlights that makes her look simply amazing.

– Asymmetrical and wavy bob –

This asymmetrical bob with waves is undoubtedly one of the best options for those looking to have a more mature appearance and at the same time youthful (yes, although it sounds contradictory). The 46-year-old South African actress, Charlize Theron, He has taught us how to wear short hair more than once.

– Wavy on the bust –

Painting your hair dark, cutting it only one or two fingers above the bust and making waves, will give you a fresh, innovative and stylish look! The texan Eva Longoria, Who turns 47 next March, proves it to us by rocking this cut and shining like few know how to do.

– Straight and under the bust –

Don’t be afraid of long hair, it can look amazing too! Just look at the gorgeous Sofia Vergara. With hair in a totally straight cut, permanent straightening and a length that reaches below the bust, the almost 50-year-old Colombian model and actress is living proof that if your essence dictates it, growing your hair long is also an option. .

– Short (really short) with side fringe –

From the hair of ‘Rapunzel’ by Sofía Vergara we go to the other extreme with the beautiful actress Rose McGowan, who at 48 wears one of the most daring cuts. However, the audacity and intrepidity that this look hides, makes it one of our darlings considering that it provides an instant dose of elegance. (WarningThis cut is very risky, so if you don’t grow your hair fast, think about it first.)

Whichever cut you choose, the important thing is that you feel comfortable and authentic with your appearance and that you also give yourself permission to experiment a little and push yourself to do new things, because you may be pleasantly surprised. Long live 40 and over!

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