Four of the best-selling smartphones of 2021 are iPhones, but the second most popular in the world is an entry-level Samsung: IDC

It is no surprise to anyone that four of the five best-selling smartphones of 2021 are iPhones. It is a trend that has actually been seen with the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12. However, what is most striking about the numbers from the IDC consultancy is that the only smartphone that stands up to Apple is a Samsung of the range input.

Francisco Jeronimo, Vice President of IDC, revealed on Twitter that the second most popular smartphone in the world is the Galaxy A12, Samsung’s low-end smartphone presented at the beginning of the year.

Samsung Galaxy A12 Most Popular Android Smartphone 2021

This little Samsung is the only Android smartphone that stands up to the iPhone 12, 11, 12 Pro Max and 12 Pro in IDC’s top 5 best-selling smartphones so far in 2021.

As our Spanish colleagues point out, this makes clear once again the great difference between Apple and Android manufacturers: Apple, having a reduced catalog of smartphones, can focus its attention on the current generation, while Android manufacturers they distribute their resources between each of their product ranges, which makes it difficult to achieve what Apple has achieved.

In contrast, and according to Canalys, Last quarter, Samsung emerged as the manufacturer with the most shipments of smartphones, with a wide difference over Apple. However, IDC tracks cumulative sales for the previous three quarters, and that’s where Apple leads with four smartphones.

As a curiosity, another segment where Samsung leads with an overwhelming difference is that of folding: 78% of the foldable smartphone market is Samsung. According to IDC, so far in 2021 Samsung has shipped 4.4 million units of smartphones with a flexible screen, equivalent to just 0.4% of the mobile market.

According to rumors, Apple is already preparing its foldable iPhone and it will arrive in 2023, which leaves Samsung with one more year to consolidate its position before Apple enters the competition and surely snatches the lead, as it is currently the case with iPhones.

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