Festival for the boys, Hugh Jackman, L-Ghent and other things to do in the week – 12/09/2021

The Rodamundo festival brings the arts to children

From tomorrow until September 26, the first edition of the Rodamundo Festival will take place, an international performing arts festival for young people and children.

There will be national and international shows (from Chile, Argentina and Spain), of various disciplines: theater, music, circus, clown and magic. There will also be workshops, talks and classroom activities through the Ceibal Plan and it will be possible to participate in person in theaters and virtually through the Recitales App, according to official information.

The national shows will be presented in different venues in Montevideo. Tickets can be purchased from the Festival website (www.festivalrodamundo.com), from Tickantel or directly at the box office of each venue.

The performances are at the Hugo Balzo Hall, the Zitarrosa Hall, the Jorge Lazaroff Hall of Piedra Blancas, the Cultural Center of Spain, the Artisan Cultural Center of Peñarol and the Florencio Sánchez Cultural Center in El Cerro.

“Brooklyn Precinto 99” and other series on Netflix

It is one of the most effective sitcoms of recent times and this Friday the seventh season arrives on Netflix. Is about Brooklyn 99 Precinct, the series produced and starring Andy Samberg who makes Jake Peralta, a detective as charming as he is clumsy. There is also Charlie (Joe Lo Truglio), a great secondary. It’s funny and follows the adventures of a very peculiar group of policemen. It also premieres in Netflix the third season of Sex education, one of the great successes of the platform. And, because it is known to have fans, the sixth season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Two Argentine visits and the start of a national tour

This week’s musical agenda will offer recitals for all tastes. The first will be Knowing Russia, the Argentine project Mateo Sujatovich, which will arrive in Montevideo on Tuesday to begin its string of six sold-out shows in Backroom. The musician’s residence in the central hall will be interrupted by two concerts of Franny glass, who will present the album Songs for the End of the World on Friday and Saturday to start his national tour. Tickets in Abitab. Both days, but at the Summer Theater, L-Ghent will review your successes. Tickets are available for Friday at RedTickets.

A futuristic thriller with Hugh Jackman hits theaters

It is a kind of futuristic noir, a genre that from Blade Runner to this part has achieved interesting things. On Reminiscence, Hugh jackman helps your clients regain their memories in times when they don’t abound. However, he will be involved with a femme fatale (Rebecca Ferguson) who will complicate his existence. Directs Lisa joy that comes from the series Westworld. The other theatrical releases are The purge forevere, last part of the saga about that night when everything is allowed and Paw Patrol, the movie Based on the popular television cartoon.

Two returns with accolades to the theater billboard

To the Vaz Ferreira Auditorium, there in the National Library, he returns Nice memories, the work co-written (with Federico Silva) and directed by Jorge Esmoris. It also stars in it, along with Jorge Temponi and Néstor Guzzini, and is a carnival grotesque who talks about a float and a lot of more vital things.

It is re-released at the Movie Theater Knock Knock, the classic comedy by Laurent Baffie in a version directed by Ignacio Cardozo and with a cast in which they are Bananita Gonzalez, Virginia Ramos, Alejandro Camino, ELena Brancatti, Darío Sellanes, Eunice Castro and Alejandra Scassor.

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