Eva Green, Mark Strong and Chai Fonacier to star in Lorcan Finnegan’s new film ‘Nocebo’

The French Eva Green, the British Mark Strong and the Filipino Chai Fonacier will lead the cast of ‘Nocebo’, the third film as director of the Irish Lorcan Finnegan, responsible for ‘Without Name’ and ‘Vivarium’.

Rewritten by Garret Shanle, the screenwriter for his two previous films, this film already in the making will revolve around a fashion designer (Green) who suffers from a mysterious illness that baffles her doctors and frustrates her husband (Strong). Everything changes with the arrival of a Filipino caregiver (Fonacier) who uses traditional healing methods to reveal a terrifying reality.

“Nocebo” is an adjective that is used to describe the harmful, unpleasant and undesirable responses or reactions that a subject manifests when administering a pharmacologically inert compound, in such a way that the subject’s organic responses were not chemically generated (as a direct result of action).

XYZ Films will be in charge of managing the international sales of this co-production between the Irish Wild Swim Films and Lovely Productions, with the Philippine Epic Media. The film is funded by Screen Ireland, Media Finance Capital, The Film Development Council of the Philippines and XYZ Films itself.

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