End of the away goal, a global trend

In different parts of the world, the elimination of the away goal is increasingly common

The Conmebol announced the end of the away goal in search of “greater sports justice”, as did at the beginning of the season the UEFA and in the Concacaf There have been informal talks on the subject, according to sources reported to ESPN Digital. The MX League, for its part, it also joined the world trend since May 2021 and abolished this tiebreaker criterion as of Opening 2021.

The Conmebol, a few hours ago, announced that “The many converted as visitors will no longer be considered as a tie-breaking factor”, while in the UEFA the measure was adopted since June, prior to the start of the season.

“The UEFA Executive Committee today approved a proposal to remove the so-called away goal rule for all UEFA club competitions (men, women and youth) from the qualifying phase of the 2021 competitions / 22 “, reported in June 2021 by UEFA.

The measure of the UEFA She was immediately attended by the Spanish League, so she also eliminated the away goal, in search of “sports justice”. In Mexico, the president of the Liga MX, Mikel Arriola, recognized in May 2021 that the away goal rule was abolished by consensus among First Division clubs.

“The consensus was to eliminate the away goal to privilege the position in the table in the final phase”, commented Mikel Arriola, president of the Liga MX, in May 2021.

In the Concacaf There have been informal talks on the subject, but so far no decision has been made, nor is there any formal request to abolish the rule. Until the 2021 Concacaf Champions League the away goal was kept as a tiebreaker.

The version has circulated that abolishing the away goal is a recommendation of FIFA, but that version has not been able to be corroborated by this means.

The end of the away goal has become a worldwide trend.


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