El Piojo makes Tigres a mirror of the Rayados that led to the Final

Tigers starts the path of the League this thursday in Keep where will they visit Saints on the Quarterfinal first leg, after a semester that is being a mirror of what Miguel Herrera lived as DT in his first stage in royal football with Rayados.

The Louse started his career as coach of Atlante in 2002 and two years later sand moved to Monterrey to lead the Albiazules. He did it in the Opening 2004, a tournament in which he reached the Final, although unfortunately for the Northerners they failed to beat some Pumas, who achieved the double championship.

But that semester was very good for Herrera, Since the Gang He finished in sixth place with 27 points and advanced to the Big party. The undefeated home contest also ended, they were the best offense with 36 goals and Guillermo Franco He was the top scorer of the tournament with 15 goals.

These numbers they are a ‘copy’ of what Miguel himself has achieved in his first tournament with the felines in the regular phase, since the auriazules finished in fourth place with 28 points, were the best offense with 26 goals and they did not lose at the University Stadium. Too Nicolas Lopez he was the scoring leader with 9 goals.

Speaking of his first tournaments with the teams he has managed are his best numbers, since it failed to classify League with the Colts at Summer 2002 nor with Xolos at Closing 20216, while yes it did with Tecos at Opening 2008 and in its two stages with America, at Closing 2012 and Opening 2013, but it did not lead in the other areas that it did have with Striped and Tigers.

Miguel Herrera evolves as DT

The Louse has always been a coach classified as offensive, who wants his teams to attack, as he did with Striped from 2004 to 2007, and this is what is expected with the entire UANL, where promised goals and had the team as the best offense.

But the playstyle of Herrera he has always suffered defensively, as he remembers Juan de Dios Ibarra, a former multi-champion element with Striped, although he knew how to evolve and adapted his idea to what the auriazules had been having with Ricardo Ferretti, with more ball possession.

“You also have to implement your style of play, but also see what players you have, Miguel was very smart to handle almost a system similar to what they had been doing because it is something that the players dominate, so obviously he implemented his style in some periods, it has been seen, “he told Mediotiempo

“It is still a team that has the ball, but the years that have passed to what it is now, are too many, a lot of experience, much more regularity between offense and defense, Before he was very offensive with Miguel and now he also tries to be cautious, to play when it is due, to jump lines when it is due and that is what gives you the experience “, he added.

For him ‘Psalm 23‘, who debuted in 2002 and was champion with the Gang in 2003, 2010 and three-time champion Concachampions (2011, 2012 and 2013), the Louse every time he is a better coach than he showed with the Gang, since it has evolved as soccer has done in the last 15 years.

“Totally, football is not the same as it was 10 years ago, so I think Miguel has evolved and is becoming a better coach every timeIn my opinion, football is not the same as it was 10 years ago, so I think Miguel has evolved and is becoming a better coach every time, in my opinion ”, he declared.


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