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‘Red Notice’ star Dwayne Johnson will receive the People’s Champion Award in December, which will be presented at the 2021 People ‘s Choice Awards ceremony to recognize his contributions to the entertainment industry.

After a 23-year career in WWE wrestling, Dwayne Johnson permanently retired from the sport in 2019 to focus on his artistic side.

The Rock suffered bullying in his early days in WWE

But the trajectory of ‘The Rock’ in front of the cameras is recommended for several years. Since 2004 he has ventured into the world of acting, showing his versatility by participating in films of various genres: from action films to children’s productions.

In 2010 she landed the lead role in ‘Fairy by accident’, a light comedy with fantastic overtones. Although he did not do well at the box office, Johnson was able to overcome that setback.

Dwayne Johnson’s acting career is on the rise

In the last decade he has received good reviews for his work on ‘Baywatch’, ‘Moana’ and ‘The Game Plan’, in addition to being the protagonist of the reboot of ‘Jumanji’, the 90s classic that was starred in its time. by Robin Williams.

He was also part of the cast of Fast & Furious and in 2021 he starred in ‘Jungle Cruise’, a Disney film that will become a franchise.

La Roca found love in the worst moment of his life

As if that were not enough, one of his most important projects has just been released: he acted alongside Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds in ‘Red Notice’, the most expensive movie in Netflix history.

Dwayne Johnson will receive an award for his altruistic efforts

Within weeks of the 2021 People’s Choice Awards, Dwayne Johnson was announced by NBC Universal as the People’s Champion Award winner.

In the past ‘La Roca’ has already received awards and nominations from this chain, but this time it seeks to recognize its extensive contribution to the entertainment industry and its philanthropic work.

Known as ‘The People’s Champion’, Dwayne Johnson has donated large sums of money to various causes. In 2017 it donated $ 25,000 to the victims of Hurricane Harvey and in 2020 it distributed new generation video game consoles to 20 children’s hospitals in the United States.

‘The Rock’ is the highest paid actor in Hollywood according to Forbes, how much is his fortune estimated?

This award recognizes his ability to lift spirits in difficult times, through entertaining and good quality films, as noted by Jen Neal, executive of NBC Universal, according to Deadline.

“Dwayne is one of the most beloved actors of our time who has achieved unprecedented success throughout his career”

“During a period of great uncertainty, Johnson has shown an uncanny ability to lift spirits and make people smile despite the circumstances.”

“His philanthropic efforts and international presence on social media have made him a cultural leader and inspiration to many, making him the perfect recipient for this year’s ‘The People’s Champion’ award,” the executive noted.

When are the 2021 People’s Choice Awards?

The People’s Choice Awards will be held on December 7 in Santa Monica, California.

Dwayne is also nominated in the Male Movie Star, Comedy Movie Star, and Television Star categories for his work on ‘Jungle Cruise’ and ‘Young Rock,’ a sitcom based on his own childhood (a production similar to ‘Everybody Hates Chris’, series by comedian Chris Rock).

Along with Dwayne Johnson, Halle Berry’s career will also be recognized, but in her case with the People’s Icon Award.

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