Divine justice? The strong blow they gave to LeBron James in the face after the fight in Lakers


In the game Los Angeles Lakers vs. Indiana Pacers, LeBron James returned after the fight starring Isaiah Stewart and received a severe blow to the face. Divine justice?

LeBron James vs.  Indiana Pacers
© Andy Lyons / Getty ImagesLeBron James vs. Indiana Pacers

Lebron James is the name of the moment in the season NBA 2021-22 and not only because of the great level he showed on his return to Los angeles lakers. ‘The king’ He was the main protagonist of the fight that took place in the game against the Detroit Pistons when he hit Isaiah Stewart in the face.

If you still do not believe that divine justice exists, this will be an example that there are cases of cases. Only two days elapsed for Lebron will go from being a perpetrator to a victim of a strong blow to the face that almost leaves him as ‘The king’ Isaiah Stewart left.

LeBron James was in the eye of the hurricane for the intentionality he had in the blow that le generated 8 stitches to Stewart, Pistons player, but the same Lakers star who was in charge of clarifying how he hit an opponent so hard.

Clarified the issue of the fight that James generated in Lakers vs. Pistons it was time for LeBron’s big comeback. In the Los Angeles team’s 124-116 victory over the Indiana Pacers, ‘The king’ Registration 39 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists and received proof that divine justice does exist.

The strong blow they gave to LeBron James in Lakers vs. NBA Pacers 2021-22

After the fight that formed the LeBron James coup in Los Angeles Lakers vs. Detroit Pistons, ‘The king’ He received a strong impact from Domantas Sabonis on the face and in the right eye. The same place where Bron hit Isaiah Stewart just days before. Divine justice?


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