Chris Hemsworth demonstrates the limits of the human being

The actor Chris Hemsworth was summoned by National Geografic and Disney Plus to make a documentary series that has nothing to do with the fictional characters he was doing. It is a production where the potential of the human being is explored.

The Australian actor has always shown his hard workouts and in “No limits”You will have to test yourself with various challenges, both physical and mental, to show whether there can be a better and longer life.

Hemsworth He said that when they made the proposal he thought it was fascinating. “We had fun dreaming up a series of wild and ridiculous experiments that illustrated how we are pushing the limits of human potential.”

Now the actor and Disney have shown the first images of what the docuseries will be, which will be released in 2022.

He can be seen hanging from a cable car, climbing in the air; about to jump off a building, pulling a vehicle, lifting weights, and swimming in cold water.

At 38 years old, he affirms before the cameras: “” I am getting older, I do not feel invincible. That makes me want to go to the limit and live as long as I can, “he says in front of the cameras.

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