Chris Evans revealed with whom he has his “purest relationship” and it is not Selena Gomez

For a few weeks the rumor has spread that Chris Evans and Selena Gomez began dating, a rumor that was stoked when the singer’s fans noticed that the beloved “Captain America”He began to follow her on Instagram and she, shortly after, returned the follow.

However, in an interview he gave on the Jimmy Fallon show, to promote his most recent film where he lends his voice to the main character of the new Pixar film, “Lightyear”, he confessed with whom he has a relationship and considers that it is the purest ever.

And this is none other than him dog which he adopted in 2017. According to Chris Evans himself, he fell in love with the dog when he saw it at the shelter, he thought it would make a good dog and apparently it is. At the time, Dodger, as the dog is called, was one year old.

So much is the love he has for his pet that he got his name tattooed on his chest. Chris Evans assured Jimmy Fallon that he regrets having done many things in his life, but not adopting Dodger and not the tattoo that he got with his name.

Where did the rumor come from that Chris Evans and Selena Gomez are dating?

A British newspaper was the first to publish that Chris Evans and Selena Gomez were starting to date, and that they met in different restaurants and places in Los Angeles. Shortly afterwards, photos began to appear of them leaving the same restaurant but separately.

Then, both began to follow each other on Instagram. That celebrities follow each other on social networks is not something strange. But you have to take into account the enthusiasm of some fans when creating theories about their favorite artists.

However, what fueled the romance rumors was when Taylor Swift shared a video of her and Selena Gomez together. In the video, Selena Gomez is seen wearing a cream-colored sweater, a sweater that the actor wore in the movie “Knives Out” and fans consider that this would be a confirmation from Selena Gomez about their relationship.

To top it off, the actor posted a story on his Instagram account where he comes out playing the piano, and what appeared to be an innocent post, went viral when netizens began to speculate that Selena Gomez’s reflection on the piano could be seen.

Chris Evans voiced the character Buzz Lightyear in his solo film

Pixar’s Toy Story saga is beloved by everyone, and without a doubt, it has a large group of striking and incredible characters. One of the main characters is the beloved toy astronaut named, Buzz Lightyear.

And for next year the film with the origin story of this character will be released. However, Chris Evans clarified that this prequel will not meet Buzz Lightyear the toy, but the man who inspired the creation of the toy in that universe.

Previously, the actor who voiced the English version of the film was Tim Allen. Now, Chris Evans will take over, although technically not the same character. Since Evans would play a young and human version of the character that Tim Allen gave life.

Chris Evans, regarding this film, said: “Everyone who knows me knows that my love for animated films runs deep. I can’t believe I’m part of the Pixar family and working with these truly brilliant artists, who tell stories like no one else. Watching them work is simply magical. I pinch myself every day.

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