Cancun seeks F1 date with two track projects

Checo Pérez’s father would participate in one of the plans to bring F1 to Cancun

On Cancun, Quintana Roo there are two groups of businessmen who have sent letters to the FIA looking to host a date of Formula 1. The race to build a circuit that is at the height of the Great Circus is in southern Mexico, although, according to sources consulted by ESPN Digital, only one of the two projects presented can be carried out.

On Tulum, Quintana Roo, a group of businessmen, led by the architect Mario Esteban González González called a press conference to announce the construction of a racetrack in the area of Adventure Park, and that it will be carried out thanks to an investment of 3.7 billion dollars, in an area of ​​500 hectares and that will have capacity for 130 thousand people.

Sources consulted by this means recognized that so far this project has not completed the procedures to obtain construction permits and no study has been approved to know the environmental impact in the area.

Even so, in the presentation of Mario Estaban González, the letter that was sent to the FIA ​​was presumed, with the intention of hosting one of the two F1 dates.

The other racetrack that is within the Cancun 2050 project

The other racetrack project is contemplated in the project called “Cancun 2050”, document consulted by the research area of ESPN Digital, and in this the father of Checo Pérez, Antonio Pérez. Unlike the one being planned in Tulum, this one will be located near the entity’s airport.

“Within the Cancun 2050 development zone, the inclusion of the project called Cancun Airport Terminal, a housing and entertainment macro-project, and the development of a project for the Cancun Autodrome, Convention Center, Exhibitions, Concerts and the uses of character is foreseen. associated with it ”, reads the document consulted by this medium.

The “Cancun 2050” plan is backed by FONATUR and also makes arrangements with the FIA ​​to have a date of Formula 1, once built.

The race for a competition of the highest category of motorsports is in the South of the Mexican Republic, although only one of the two projects that have been postulated will be able to materialize.


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