Amber Heard wants to sign for Harry Potter since Johnny Depp is gone

Amber Heard wants to sign for Harry Potter now that Johnny Depp is gone

Actress Amber Heard is continuing her film career and thinks that making the leap to Harry Potter is a big step now that Johnny Depp will no longer be in Fantastic Beasts 3.

When the actor Johnny depp lost the libel case against a British newspaper, more bad news came for him. Since he had to leave Fantastic Beasts 3 and your position will be filled by Mads mikkelsen. What’s more, Disney assured that they will not have him again for a new delivery of Pirates of the Caribbean. While his ex-wife Amber heard continues with new projects and wants to enter the saga Harry Potter.

Since after being in the apocalyptic scenes of League of Justice from Zack snyder and now that he’s in the middle of filming Aquaman 2, the actress Amber heard wants to strengthen its alliance with Warner Bros. So the best way would be to enter Harry Potter, either in the movies of Fantastic Animals or in other projects that are preparing for the saga. In addition, it also intends to occupy a space that has been denied to Johnny depp, which would give it much more weight in the industry.

Both actors are in very different situations.

Amber heard He is in a very good moment since he has many projects ahead of him, such as returning to interpret Mere in movies of Dc comics and we have also seen it in the series The Stand What Nadine cross. Without forgetting that he is preparing Run away with me, a thriller with romantic overtones where an American falls in love with a model in Paris and the two become intertwined in the criminal underworld of the European haute couture industry.

While Johnny depp is going through one of its worst moments and for now it seems toxic in the eyes of the film industry. Since after running out Fantastic Beasts 3 and a new participation in Pirates of the Caribbean, we have only been able to see it in The Minamata Photographer and in the animated series Puffins, where he lends his voice to a little bird.

In addition, he still has to face some trials and according to the verdicts, the career of Johnny depp It could be completely over, at least for the big movie studios.

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