After Good End, Mexicans go for Black Friday

E-commerce strengthened in Mexico and expectations for the 2021 edition of Black Friday are more than promising, despite the fact that El Buen Fin was barely celebrated. We are told that sales of 2 million dollars are expected, with an average ticket of 40 dollars in each purchase, and it will be about 30 thousand Mexican buyers who will turn to digital platforms to take advantage of the Black Friday promotions, predicts the firm PayU. The sectors with the most sales will be fashion, clothing and footwear with 40% of the total, technology 25%, education 18%, entertainment, tourism and leisure 11%, as well as retail sales, with 6%. This popular sale date, imported from the United States, is gradually positioning itself among Mexican consumers, they tell us.

Constellation does not lose faith

They report that yesterday they talked about everything in the appearance of the Secretary of Economy, Tatiana Clouthier, in the Chamber of Deputies. Faced with accusations that the current government does not promote clean energies, he said that it is going to invest in 10 hydroelectric plants to improve its operation, in addition to acknowledging that it has been communicated “quite badly” what is being done to reduce emissions of carbon. The secretary also referred to the US firm Constellation Brands, which was forced to cancel the construction of a factory in Mexicali in 2020 after a popular consultation. Clouthier said that the beverage sector company decided to invest in two plants, one in Veracruz and the other in the Trans-isthmian Corridor area.

Work stoppage, unsuccessful

Apparently, the strike of cleaning workers who work in the offices of the Tax Administration Service (SAT) was unsuccessful. They tell us that in a review it was detected that on November 23, seven people did not show up to work and on November 24 there were no absences. Even who was the leader of four companies recognized that the protesters did not work in SAT buildings, but in other institutions. He took the opportunity to review the pending payments, they tell us, and when he reconciled the receipts, it turned out that everything is in order. However, the SAT found that there are workers who are not registered with the IMSS, as well as false documents to prove the application of vaccines.

Effort in recycling

They tell us that SC Johnson, a manufacturer of household products, has just set a goal by 2025 that 100% of its plastic packaging be recyclable, reusable and compostable. To date, 65% of packaging is recyclable or reusable, up from a level of 62% in 2019. Two years ago, SC Johnson launched a global alliance with Plastic Bank to help address the ocean plastic crisis. In 2019, Plastic Bank prevented a billion plastic bottles from reaching the oceans. They tell us that SC Johnson has also made alliances with sports teams such as Liverpool Football Club, the Milwaukee Bucks and the Milwaukee Brewers, to transform plastic bottles and cups from stadiums into packaging.


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