8 out of 10 Mexicans look for deals

Although Black Friday is a campaign that began decades ago in the United States, Mexicans are no longer left out and also seek to take advantage of the offers, since 8 out of 10 expect to make a purchase in this year’s edition; in fact, globally they rank third in purchase intention, above the United States.

According to estimates from the Mexican Online Sales Association (AMVO), 80% of people declare that it is somewhat or very likely that they will purchase a product or service; of them, 28% would be a first-time buyer, while 72% are recurring.

Likewise, the AMVO indicates that 48% plan to buy in several stores, 41% have not yet decided how they will do it and 11% plan to buy in a single store; coupled with this, the average purchase ticket ranges between 1,000 and 3,000 pesos on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday.

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The study indicates that the electronics category is the most popular, since 52% of people plan to purchase a product of this type; followed by fashion, with 49%, and household appliances, with 32%.

In turn, cell phones have an intention of 32%, furniture and decoration have 26%, beauty and personal care, 24%, consoles and video games, 20%; toys, 19%; travel and transportation, 18%, while sports, 17%.

Nevertheless, Most Mexicans will lower their budget for this year, since 38% plan to spend less than the previous year; 35%, the same and 27%, more than in 2020.

Meanwhile, 36% consider that there are no attractive promotions or offers, 26% say that they do not need to buy anything at the moment; 23% say that the prices of products or services during this date are excessive and 22% prefer to wait for other types of promotions.

In fact, Mexicans are among the people who have the most to participate in Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday —The following Monday— Worldwide; A study prepared by the Simon-Kucher & Partners consultancy indicates that 79% plan to make a purchase, only below Turkey where the figure is 88% and Brazil, with 83%.

Likewise, 74% of the Spanish people you intend to purchase a product on those days; on USA, 70% and in Germany, only 61%; in turn, in other European countries such as United Kingdom, Sweden or Belgium, the percentage of people who plan to purchase a product or service during both days is around 50%.

According to Juliana Camargo, head Marketing and Merchandising of eBay Latin America, Black Friday is the most important shopping date for the company during the second half of the year, so they want their platform to be the ideal destination for Mexican buyers.

“Our goal this year is that everyone receives more with eBay and that they enjoy the hundreds of millions of items available, accompanied by an unforgettable shopping experience,” he said.

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