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Quickly, answer: How many times have you masturbated this week? You got it? Perfect. And if we tell you that more than 38% of women, according to the latest data from the Tenga Self-Pleasure Barometer 2021, they state masturbate multiple times a week, would your answer change?

Listen to us: forget about those old taboos! It’s time to talk about female masturbation naturally that corresponds to him. Because despite what people think, this hobby, which allows us to release stress and give us some joy, goes beyond the acclaimed clitoral sucker. Yes, yes, as you read. During confinement, according to the same survey, a 73% of the population were encouraged to buy one (we give faith), but It’s not the only sex toy out there!and! And, today, we are going to tell you about one of our great favorites: the vibrating egg.

A toy that, if you share a flat, you will love because it is super quiet! (promised).

Vibrating egg: what it is and how it works

If you haven’t heard of them, trust us, you’re going to love them. With a very compact and round design, it is designed for vaginal use, but you can use it all over the body! That way, the preliminaries will be even more fun. And if you add to that that you can control its power through its command, friend, your relationships are going to become the most pleasant.

As for his functioning It is very simple and intuitive, because just It consists of two steps.

  1. With the toy well loaded and the area lubricated, proceed to insert it through the vagina. Or, if you want to play as a couple, position it on the lower lips.
  2. Once in place, activate the control or give it to your partner, marking and varying the intensity of the vibration until it reaches the highest point.

Easy right? If we have already told you, this vibrator is a real pass. And, as if its advantages were few, it is one of the most easy to clean. The best option, to avoid possible and complicated infections, is to choose to clean it with a suitable disinfectant of the material that covers it. And, of course, let it dry well, before giving it a new use. And that’s it. It will barely take you five seconds.

What do you already want one? Well, wait no more. Sliding you will find our 12 favorite models which are pure magic.

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€ 29.95

With a discreet size and its multiple modes, it is positioned as one of the user’s favorite options. It has a practical controller to be able to play as a couple wherever you are.



€ 19.80

With a most curious design that imitates a mermaid, this waterproof vibrating egg stands out. In addition, thanks to the fact that it can be charged through a USB cable or batteries, it is positioned as one of the most comfortable toys for traveling.

Lyla 2


€ 97.00

With brutal power and multiple vibration modes, this incredible egg stands out, which, as well as its score and the comments of its users, provides a most pleasant result.


Luv egg

€ 32.56

Available in multiple shades, this practical egg has a power that is the most. What you read. Plus, because it’s waterproof, it’s perfect for sharing a quick shower. Alone or accompanied, as you prefer.



€ 24.99

With a very cute design, this soft egg, which has multiple modes or speeds, will move with real dexterity inside you, offering you a wide range of emotions. Yes, all good. Oh, And it is.



€ 74.00

With the wireless design that characterizes these types of toys. This egg that can be connected to your application, allows you to record vibration patterns so that you can recreate, over and over again, that magical moment.



€ 40.00

With a most elegant and intuitive design, this vibrating egg made up of two Chinese balls stands out. Because yes, with them, you will exercise the pelvic floor with real pleasure.

Wireless Remote Control


€ 14.25

If something stands out about this toy is its softness. In addition, having a practical remote control, it can accompany you to all your foam baths, in the style of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, because it is completely submersible. Chin Chin.

Bullet style


€ 19.99

This egg has a practical wireless controller that, thanks to its vibrating power, is capable of stimulating the G-spot and the clitoris with the most satisfactory results.

Teazers Remote Control Ribbed Vibrating Egg – 1pc


€ 17.99

If you are looking for something more intense, this practical embossed egg is what you are looking for. Thanks to its practical raised design that allows a greater sensation. In addition, it has a remote control with a range of up to 20 meters. You don’t need more, right?



€ 28.99

With its practical design, it stimulates and enjoys at the same time. It loads super fast and its ten frequency modes are pure magic, as you can well read in its comments.



€ 25.49

With a waterproof design, this practical toy adapts to your physiognomy. In addition, beyond offering enjoyment, you can leave it on while you perform your activities to, thus, strengthen the pelvic floor avoiding, for example, future incontinence problems in the future.

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