Women in show business who have been victims of violence


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Thursday 25, November 2021 • 9:45 am

These artists have suffered from different types of violence such as domestic, sexual, physical and others. Although some of them took a while to reveal it, over time they took the courage to do so. They have denounced, they have fought for them and for others and today they continue forward.


This singer and businesswoman was attacked by who for 2009 was her boyfriend, boyfriend Chris Brown. His injuries could be seen in a photo that was made public and that went around the world. Brown was only sentenced to five years in prison.

Angelina Jolie

At the beginning of this year the actress and producer was immersed in a legal battle against her ex-husband Brad Pitt and in the fight for the custody of the children they both had, all the minors decided to stay with the mother, as the eldest of them confessed that Pitt had committed domestic violence against Angelina.

Custody was awarded to the actress.

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Demi lovato

This year the singer and actress released a documentary on YouTube in which she revealed that while she worked at Disney, she was a victim of sexual abuse.

Precisely, her first sexual encounter was with the rapist (a member of the producers) but she assured that at that moment she did not say anything because she felt it was her fault for having kissed that person.

Years later, exactly in 2018 while she was under the influence of alcohol and drugs, a young man took advantage of her condition to abuse her.

Sofia Vergara

Although for many the Colombian actress is a symbol of beauty, for others she has been the object of ridicule.

Regardless of whether or not her English accent is good, American men have attacked the actress precisely because of her appearance.

In completely live shows in the United States, misogynistic comments were read in front of her, the comments according to the presenter “were taken from the internet.”

@wpybo just don’t mess with her. like never #sofiavergara #trend #fyp #foryou #viral ♬ iconic and THAT bitch – paulspirit

Halle berry

One of the favorites who has played Catwoman for DC was also assaulted by one of her ex-partners.

The actress’s ex-boyfriend, Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, on one occasion ended up hitting her so hard that he even left her deaf in one ear.

Berry, some time after the event, became one of the icons in the fight against gender violence.

All of them are just an example of a large list of cases of women who have been publicly or not victims of different types of attacks. Not even the biggest stars have been exempt from the global phenomenon of violence against women.

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