Will Smith’s wife reveals actor’s reaction to receiving his biographical book

After the famous American actor Will Smith announce that he would release his autobiographical book, in which he would tell many parts of his life, some good and others not so many, the actor’s wife, Jada pinklett smith showed the moment when Will received your copy.

Through his social networks, the actress and producer showed one of what could be the best moments for the 53-year-old actor, since he was seen very happy to receive your printed copy of your book.

Jada Pinkett shares a moment with Will Smith

To accompany the video where you can see them Will Smith and Jada Pinkett sitting at their kitchen table, The businesswoman also wrote a text in which she confessed that she had not yet read her husband’s book, but was confident that it was very good.

“I cannot confirm any accuracy in any story he tells about me, but i can cconfirm that it will be tremendously entertaining”, he wrote after calling on his followers to get his book.

In addition, Jada was very happy for her husband and congratulated him for having published his book, and highlighted the great work he carried out during the writing part, since it was a very special process for the famous actor.

“Congratulations Will. You are a true author! You have received so many personal gems and blessings during the writing process of this book. What trip! I love you and I am so happy for you … for many reasons. Congratulations again ”, concluded the famous.

Jada Pinkett shares a moment with Will Smith

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