Will Smith and his wife reappear after the scandal, more in love than ever

Will Smith and his wife reappear after the scandal, more in love than ever. It had been months since the Smiths were publicly seen together, this after they admitted they had an open marriage and their extramarital affairs came to light.

With more than two decades of life as a couple, marriage, two children and a third product of a previous relationship of Will Smith, the couple that the actor of “The Prince of rap”Agreed with Jada pinkett smith she was one of the most revered in show business.

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Will Smith was always lost for his wife in a good way, posing with her on the red carpets, filling her with expensive gifts, parties, showing her off as the most beautiful woman, wasting honey with comments on social networks, until she couple revealed that nothing was as perfect as it looked.

This week, Will Smith appeared on the arm of his wife Jada pinkett smith and his sons Jaden Smith and Willow Smith at the premiere of “King richard“, The actor’s new film from” Men in Black “and” In Pursuit of Happiness, “which has raised suspicions that he could receive his third Oscar nomination.

In a blue ball gown, Will Smith accompanied his wife, who wore a charming champagne-colored dress and was proud to go by his side, in addition to social networks she herself shared the magic of the evening, confirming not only her love but also her admiration for whom she calls the man of his life.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, talk about love openly

Although it has been months since Jada Pinkett Smith publicly admitted to having an affair with an acquaintance of her children and himself Will Smith He reiterated that he would be with her until the last day of his life, after several attacks received through social networks, the actor broke the silence revealing that he had also had such ties.

Without revealing names, Will Smith He admitted that for them the best thing had been to create an open marriage, although they continued to choose each other and that after many therapy processes, they had taken their relationship to another level of trust, love and acceptance, both personal and of each other.

While the couple was criticized for departing from the traditional norms of a marriage, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith They made it clear that what mattered least to them was what they would say and that they were simply focused on making whatever agreements were necessary for the good of their relationship and their marriage.

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“Marriage should not be a prison,” he stressed Will Smith in a recent interview where he spoke not only about his new film but also about his new autobiographical book, noting that although many people judged his wife for the affair she had, that did not mean that he had not been with anyone else and that she people had made bad assumptions.

Yes indeed, Will Smith He acknowledged that he did not recommend open marriage to anyone, as it required a lot of maturity, a lot of emotional control to achieve it without hurting both the couple and third parties. Now, he shines again next to his wife and surprisingly, they look stronger than ever.

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