Top 20 names for pandemic babies

To the babies that were born between 2020 and 2021 are called “pandemials”, because they arrived in a non-traditional world, a world that had been changed by Covid-19. In this context, among the Names Most chosen in Argentina by fathers and mothers to baptize their children in that period appeared some considered rather exotic, linked to characters from television series or those chosen by celebrities.

According to data from the National Registry of Persons (Renaper), which were requested, some names are among the most chosen as first names and also as part of compound names. Instead, there are others that are only part of one of the two rankings.

In 2020, 75,410 babies were born and they were named with one of the following 20 names:

Matthew: 7750; Baptist: 5237; John: 5125; Felipe: 4785; Bruno: 4440; Noah: 4428; Benicio: 4225; Thiago: 3772; Ciro: 3663; Liam: 3516; Lorenzo: 3285; Benjamin: 3170; Valentino: 3071; Bastian: 2935; Santino: 2911; Santiago: 2743; Dante: 2619; Lautaro: 2599; Francisco: 2591; Ian: 2545.

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In the case of women, there were 75,050 babies born in 2020 who bear one of the following names: Emma: 7966; Olivia: 5409; Martina: 5236; Isabella: 5214; Alma: 4620; Catalina: 4099; Mia: 4084; Amber: 3730; Victoria: 3722; Delfina: 3574; Sofia: 3457; Emilia: 3213; Valentina: 3127; Bianca: 2922; Rome: 2734; Zoe: 2538; Renata: 2517; Light: 2344; Franchesca: 2283; Emily: 2261.

So far in 2021 and until November 16, there were 52,139 male babies and 52,035. the girls who were born and named with almost the same names from the previous year, only the order in the ranking varies.

According to the Renaper data, the 15 most frequent names were: For women, the names of the children of celebrities and series characters. While for men, what they chose the most were the names of the three sons of Lionel Messi, they are among the 10 most chosen with Mateo at the head, followed by Thiago and Ciro. The name Noah also appears, which the actress Luisana Lopilato used to baptize the son she had with the Canadian singer Michel Bublé.

Names. Babies.

In the case of women’s names, one of the surprises is the case of Emily, a very rare name in the country. In official records there are less than 2,000 women named Emily before the pandemic. The answer to its resurgence may lie in the Netflix series “Emily in Paris,” released in 2020 and starring Lily Collins. Actress Emily Blunt may also have had her share of influence in the rise in the ranking of this name.

Another similar case occurred with the case of the name “Roma”, which prior to the last two years accumulated some 500 women in almost 100 years. However, after the birth of Dalma Maradona’s first-born on March 12, Rome got into the first places. In 2020 it was ranked 15 and so far in 2021 it is in the eighth step.

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