Tom Cruise stars in the best mystery movie on Netflix

Like every month, Netflix updated its catalog and although it removed good titles, it also added others that are worth seeing, such as one of the best mystery films that it stars Tom Cruise, who during the 1990s had the opportunity to play great roles that enshrined him in the cinema.

In 1993 it was released The Firm: No Exit, film that was directed by Sydney Pollack and starring actors who at that time were considered stars of the seventh art: Tom Cruise, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Gene Hackman, Ed Harris, Holly Hunter, Hal Holbrook and David Strathairn.

The trafficking revolves around Mitch McDeere (Tom Cruise), who has carried out his studies in Law in an outstanding way, and is hired by a law firm. He and his wife Abigail “Abby” McDeere (Jeanne Tripplehorn) move to the city of Memphis, where their employers provide them with a house, a car and everything they need.

As he begins to relate more to his work environment, McDeere begins to suspect that illegal operations are carried out in that office and that all the lawyers who want to leave the firm are killed. This suspicion is finally confirmed by the FBI, when they kill a private investigator, who was investigating the mysterious deaths.

McDeere receives a report about the company, which is also the only legal representative of the Morolto Family of Chicago, a mafia organization, who, through them, launder their money. The FBI asks Mitch to collaborate with them to verify the crimes, but he resists, because he would lose his license and then have to go to the witness protection program.

Faced with this complicated scenario, McDeere will find himself cornered and will have to use all his ingenuity to get out of the situation, but perhaps he will ask favors from people he should never have turned to.

The story of The Firm: No Exit is based on a book by acclaimed writer John Grisham, whose works have been adapted for film on various occasions.

Although the final script of the film had a number of changes from the book, fans of the writer were pleased, so the film turned out to be a box office success, since it had a budget of $ 42 million and raised more $ 270 million.

The film’s success was such that it received award nominations, including: Oscar award for Best Supporting Actress (Holly Hunter) and Best Music (Dave Grusin); BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actress (Holly Hunter), Grammy Award for Best Music-Cinema (Dave Grusin) and to MTV Movie Award for Best Male Performance and most desirable Man (Tom Cruise).

Under these arguments we can consider that The Firm: No Exit is one of the best mystery movies in the catalog of Netflix and that also has one of the most outstanding performances of Tom cruise, so you can enjoy it from beginning to end.

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