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Walmart de México started a process to set up gas stations in parking lots of some of its stores, a plan with which it does not only intend to participate in the downstream (activities and operations in the petroleum industry), but also promote a new type of business: convenience stores.

In alliance with Grazpo, the largest retail chain in the country announced that it will start up gasoline service stations in the parking lots of certain units of the Bodega Aurrera, Mi Bodega Aurrera, Sam’s Club, Walmart Express and Walmart Supercenter formats.

According to the company, the plan has as its main objective offer customers and partners the comfort of be able to charge your car with gasoline in the same space where they can make your purchases.

This is what we know:

1. The new gasoline service stations will be designed, developed and operated by Gazpro, “A Mexican company, with more than 45 years of experience in the gasoline industry”.

2. They will stock up on gasoline supplied by Pemex, through the sublicensed brand model for the sale of products of the Mexican oil company.

3. Some of the service stations will have convenience stores, operated by Walmart de México y Centroamérica.

Four. This is not newSince August 2018, Walmart announced its first steps to install six gas stations in stations installed in the parking lot of stores of different brands in Tabasco, Nuevo León, Veracruz and the State of Mexico, as part of a first stage.

5. Walmart de México said that the operation and maintenance of the stations will have the most modern practices and technologies in the industry, following the environmental care commitments of the two companies

6. However, the retail chain said that the development of the project is subject to obtaining authorizations and permits of the corresponding authorities.


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