They reveal discussion between Cristiano and Cuadrado at Juventus: “We played a sh …”

The Juventus dressing room did not always have great moments with CR7, who spoke loudly after falling in the Champions League

A short video of the Portuguese soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, starring in a strong discussion with Juan Guillermo Cuadrado it has gone viral on social media. The ‘Bug’ is really upset and accuses his teammates of playing badly, a situation that did not sit well with the Colombian.

The scenes are part of the Amazon Prime documentary “All or Nothing: Juventus” and many users have shared the moment when Ronaldo enters the locker room visibly angry at the performance of the squad and criticizing the players for their level in the second leg against him Porto in the Round of 16 of the 2020/21 Champions League.

For its part, Square He tries to reassure the Lusitanian star and even encourages him, but Cristiano continues to point out the lack of play volume of “Vecchia Signora”.

“You have to try more, what the fuck! We don’t play anything. We always play like shit.” screamed Christian, while Square He tried to calm him down, but failing to do so, the Colombian charged against the Portuguese. “You have to be an example for everyone”said Juan.

At these words, Cristiano Ronaldo he pointed: “I also include myself, eh, we are not playing anything. You have to tell the truth. It’s a Champions League game, you have to have personality.”

Andrea Pirlo, who worked as a technician of the Juventus At that moment, he entered the locker room and managed to calm the situation. Unfortunately for fans of the Juventus, the club lost the tie and in Serie A they could not defend their championship.


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