The revamped MG ZS, now available with two petrol engines

  • The two engines can be associated with automatic changes
  • The trunks cubic 448 liters, like the electric ones
  • Sold with finishes Comfort and Luxury

    At MG they are convinced that the future, in the medium and long term, is electric. However, they do not want to miss the opportunity to conquer to the traditional driver, as there are potential customers who have been interested in their vehicles and have backed down when they found out, on the one hand, that they are 100% electric and, on the other, of their high prices due to this technology.

    That has already ended with the renewed and attractive MG ZS, which announces two new engines for the Spanish market, to the already existing electric ones: an atmospheric one of 106 horses, and another turbocharged 111 horsepower. From the company they emphasize that they are available from now with immediate delivery, so there is no need to face long waits due to the microchip crisis.

    Technical characteristics

    The access mechanics is a 1.5 VTI-tech of 106 horses that expresses a maximum pair of 141 Newton / meter to 4,500 turns. It reaches 175 kilometers / hour, its 0 to 100 is 10.9 seconds and the average consumption approved in the WLTP cycle remains at 6.6 liters at 100.

    digital board mg zs gasoline

    MGCar and Driver

    The motor 1.0 TGD-I, in the absence of official confirmation, is of Hyundai-Kia origin. It is three-cylinder, has a turbo and a particle filter. It achieves a maximum torque of 160 Newton / meter between 1,800 and 4,700 revolutions. Surprisingly, the performance is not better than the atmospheric one, since it is three tenths slower in the 0 to 100 (11.2 seconds) and consumes the same; the only figure that improves is the maximum speed (180 per hour). With the six-speed automatic transmission, it’s still slower (12.4 seconds at 0 to 100) and gaston (7.2 liters). The weight, in any case, oscillates empty between 1,213 kilos and 1,264 kilos, so it is not a reason of draft for that bulky difference.

    Range and prices of the new MG ZS gasoline

    The MG ZS 1.5 VTI-tech has an access price of 15,950 euros with Comfort finish and five-speed manual gearbox, and includes 10.1-inch touchscreen multimedia system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, 17-inch Typhoon wheels, led headlights, four speakers, fabric upholstery and rear parking sensors, among others. The Luxury finish rises to 17,950 euros and carries 360-degree peripheral cameras, digital control panel, fog lights, warning light. dead angle, cross traffic alert and 18-inch wheels (the panoramic roof is exclusively associated with the 1.0).

    interior of mg zs gasoline

    MGCar and Driver

    In the case of the MG ZS 1.0 T-GDI Comfort with a six-speed manual transmission, the starting RRP is 17,950 euros. This same engine with the Luxury level and automatic transmission amounts to 20,900 euros.

    The only extra available for these MGs is the paint (as standard it comes with the white one; the rest cost 650 euros). Let us remember that these amounts so competitive and adjusted compared to those of their direct rivals correspond to operations of cash payment and include taxes, transport and official discounts until December 31, 2021 for units in stock.

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