The reason Mickey Mouse can’t appear in ‘The Simpsons’

The Simpson‘is riddled with great celebrities that have been appearing throughout its 33 seasons on television. Lady Gaga, Tom Hanks or Mel Gibson, these are some of the stars that have made a intervention in Springfield.

But this does not end here, since since ‘The Simpsons’ became part of the Disney team, we have seen many other mythical characters from Marvel movies o ‘Star wars. And now with the arrival of the Disney + anniversary, ‘The Simpson‘have done a series of very special shorts featuring all the characters from the Disney world. Well, all of them do not appear, since they have been left to the most iconic of the company.

Mickey Mouse has been the great absentee in these shorts, since we have been able to see his companions Donald and Goofy, but he doesn’t appear directly. Bart is responsible for dressing up as Mickey Mouse in these special chapters. And to explain the reason, the executive producer of the series Al Jean has come out: “To the only character who we are avoiding using in all our shorts is Mickey Mouse“, reveals in Express.

And it is that the creators of the series such an iconic character as that instills respect. They consider that there are certain things that Mickey Mouse cannot say, so they have decided to impersonate him in Bart Simpson.

“As you can see, we already have another character playing Mickey in our version. But they were all at the beginning anyway. Goofy, Darth Vader or BB-8, “he continues to explain.

In addition, he has also told that they have used his voice actors so that everything stays in the Simpson universe: “Goofy was Hank Azaria, Dan Castellaneta was Donald and Tress MacNeille was the spectacular Maleficent. We put on the ‘Cinderella’ movie and Tress sounded identical to the real Maleficent“.

“They’re not perfect”: Al Jean talks about the beginnings of ‘The Simpsons’

We have watched the Simpson family go through all kinds of adventures in the small town of Springfield for over 30 years. Although the series is a success more than evident, Al Jean is clear that the beginnings were not easy.

In an interview with Digital Spy, the executive producer believes there were things to improve: “I think everything we’ve done is not perfect. I look back and think, ‘We could have made this funnier or funnier, “he begins by explaining.

To finish account: “But in general, the series has been so blessed and it has gone in such a great direction that I am practically close to believing it … I would just stick with what we did instead of any alternate future. When I watch the episodes from 30 years ago, of course, they are not perfect for today, but they look very good“.

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