The photo of Chris Hemsworth and his brother Liam Hemsworth in which they show one of their great passions

Chris Hemsworth is full of projects today, with ‘Thor: Love and Thunder‘and is also preparing the sequel to’ Extraction ‘. Right now it is not stopping and in fact to prepare the second part of ‘Extractionis training thoroughly to be ready.

But no matter how busy the actor is, he is able to relax and take time to enjoy your hobbies. In fact Chris wanted to share an image with his brother, Liam Hemsworth, in which the two celebrate the victory of the Western Bulldogs, his Australian football team. Both he and Liam they were euphoric after the end of the game.

And it is not for less, since it seems that the Western Bulldogs have reached the final of the championship, so the excitement of Liam and Chris is more than justified. In the photo he has shared on his Instagram Chris writes: “What a great game! The Western Bulldogs in the grand finale. Let’s go to the end guys. “

Elsa Pataky shows how Chris Hemsworth is ‘defeated’ by his children

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth They form one of the most beloved couples on the Hollywood scene and, despite doubts about their marriage, these were dispelled after working together on ‘Interceptor’ and even more so with the last photo that shows the complicity between the two.

He is the God of Thunder, we have seen him fight against gigantic enemies and even save the universe from Thanos. Despite all the people he’s saved as Thor, Chris cannot keep up with the rhythm of his three children and his little ones have knocked him out on the couch.

Elsa has shared on Instagram the endearing image of her husband with their children on the sofa. The actress writes in the publication: “Happy father’s day to this amazing fatherThough he can’t keep up with the kids he tries“.

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