the networks ‘kill’ Chris Pratt after the controversy of his tweets

It is well known that one cannot trust 100% of the news that circulates on social networks. The ‘fake news’ and hoaxes are everywhere, and there are not a few celebrities who have had to go out to deny important information about their lives that had been viralized on the Internet.

The latest victim of one of these spurious revelations, which has also been growing vertiginously in recent hours, has been the star of Hollywood Chris pratt. The actor has been in the news for a few days after some alleged tweets of his came to light in which he insulted the Muslim and black community.

The messages date from the years 2012 and 2013, but its veracity is in question: the interpreter’s representative has denied that Pratt wrote that content (with the exception of a comment in which he made fun of a Miss Universe, whom he called Miss Hunger), and the medium TMZ has pointed out that even the top executives of the social network “firmly believe that these tweets are false.”

However, the fuse was already lit, and the name of the interpreter of films such as ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ or ‘Jurassic Park’ has become trending through a disturbing hashtag: “ripChrisPratt” (“Rest in peace, Chris Pratt”). This label has spread like wildfire on social media, to the point that many fans of the American have come to believe that, truly, he had died.

It is not the first time, on the other hand, that the actor is ‘canceled’ in the virtual sphere. His religious beliefs and political views have already earned him several unpleasant experiences with netizens – just a few months ago, when he decided not participate in an event in support of Biden’s presidential candidacy along with other stars of the Marvel universe, the networks fell on him, calling him the “worst Chris” in the Mecca of Cinema (as opposed to Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and Chris Pine).

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