The Microsoft Store filters the first exclusive demos of the Game Awards

In exactly two weeks we will be sitting watching this year’s The Game Awards, which, apart from the controversial Forza Horizon 5 GOTY nomination that has given us so much talk, will bring us the illusion of a high-viewer event supported by all the video game industry almost entirely. And the prizes are important, but even more so the announcements that will be produced and all those consequences of the presentation, such as temporary exclusive demos.

Already last year, on the occasion of the pandemic, we were able to enjoy not only The Game Awards, but also other digital events, free demos on both Steam and Xbox of games that will be presented at the event or that will attend in a way or other. And precisely the Microsoft Store is the one that has advanced filtering two of the demos, which under the nickname “TGA21 Demo” is clear what it is about:

The Game Awards 2021 will also have an adjoining demo event

As you can see at the moment, those two games have appeared in the store with their corresponding demo, ‘Nobody Saves the World’ and ‘Mind Scanners’, but surely more titles are expected for next week, closer to The Game Awards. In addition, we have to make a special mention of the latter, since ‘Mind Scanners’ will arrive on Xbox Game Pass in just 5 days, on November 30.

We will have to see how many games participate in this interesting initiative and if we can see some unexpected addition that catches our attention, such as Stalker 2 or Chorus, which is launched next week.

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