The Kardashians revealed what they will give away at Christmas: a $ 500 vase is not the most expensive | Famous

The Kardashians They are famous for their extravagant tastes in fashion and accessories, but also for their generosity to their close relatives and friends.

This was demonstrated Kourtney kardashian, when he shared on Poosh, his official website, a list of everything his family will give to their loved ones.

Kourtney, who recently got engaged to drummer Travis Barker, revealed that she will be the one to give her family’s most expensive gift, an infrared sauna blanket, with a market value of $ 518.

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“Everyone knows that I love sauna detoxification as part of my personal care routine,” she commented.

“I am very excited to gift this sauna blanket to my friends and family so they can enjoy the healing properties of infrared light!”

So as not to be left behind, Kris jenner He chose a white vase that cost $ 500. The 66-year-old mother said that each of her friends and family and grandchildren will receive one.

Khloé kardashian cares about sustainability, as evidenced by his gift. The founder of Good American will give away a compact kitchen composter valued at $ 499.

“This device is not only super stylish, it simplifies composting. I love being able to incorporate this green habit into my life and teach True about the importance of eliminating food waste! I hope all my friends and family enjoy it as much as I do. “

The younger sisters, Kendall jenner 26 years old and Kylie jenner of 24, they will give away a blanket worth $ 179 dollars and a device with led light for skin care for $ 249 dollars, respectively.

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“I love LED lights. It’s one of my favorite parts of getting a facial, and this device brings that technology home. “

Kim kardashian He decided to give the cheapest gift of all his family, valued at $ 80 dollars, but it is no less useful for that.

It is a jump rope, but it is not a conventional one, rather it is a smart device that records fitness goals.

The screen is projected into the air using LED lights while in use and also syncs with a cell phone app.

“Exercising is a big part of my personal care routine, so I wanted to give my friends and family this innovative and convenient jump rope that tracks their fitness goals,” explained the founder of SKIMS.

In 2020, the Kardashians were forced to throw a discreet Christmas party, due to the limitations caused by the pandemic, but they never skimp on expenses to give a good gift to the people they love.

It is likely that in 2021 her celebration will be different and even Kim Kardashian could appear with who seems to be her new boyfriend, the comedian Pete davidson.

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