“The Dreamcast legacy lives on on Xbox”

Peter Moore was one of the directors of SEGA America, specifically one of the presidents of the American division. After collaborating with Microsoft, ended up leading the games division of Microsoft for years later to end up in Electronic Arts and finally outside the video game industry. His legacy and contribution to video games is huge, and it’s hard not to thank him for all that he did in the Xbox 360 era.

The fact is that in the episode “Xbox Pioners” of the program presented by Reginald Fils-Aimé, Moore recalled some of the key moments of the beginnings of the brand. You always remember his time on Xbox, but really his contribution was before, just when he negotiated the online game for the Dreamcast. The ex-manager thus remembered the beginnings between the relationship between Microsoft and Dreamcast, which used a version of Windows (CE).

We had started to build a relationship with the Xbox team and began to unite the two consoles with the synergy that online gaming was the real key alongside this concept of social gaming, without disrespecting the Nintendo and Sony of that time. time, I remember they still saw him a lot like you against me, child games in the bedroom or on the couch.

Dreamcast is still alive on Xbox

According to Moore, the legacy of the old Dreamcast still lives in the heart and concept of Xbox. He says that they did not know how to measure this revolution very well from SEGA and really the competition that Sony made to the Japanese console overshadowed this characteristic.

The baton of online gaming then passed to Xbox, and in fact it is still the leading system in this regard, so it is quite possible that the parents of Dreamcast are proud to have contributed to the development of Xbox Live in some way.

The Dreamcast was ahead of its time, and sadly it didn’t do quite well in the face of the impending PlayStation boom, there was fear, uncertainty and doubt when it arrived, and they did it brilliantly. But as the Dreamcast unfortunately faded into the sunset, the baton turned to Xbox. We started collaborating… and we started bringing content to Xbox.

I think in the next few years, when we started to take off with Xbox Live and believed in this idea of ​​online games together… there is still a bit of the SEGA Dreamcast legacy somewhere.

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