The 45-year-old actress claims her curves, which have been criticized for years

“Don’t you dare” was the blunt response that Kate Winslet gave to director Craig Zobel when he suggested that she digitally retouch her body in the miniseries. Mare of Easttown. The idea was to remove the love handles from her belly in a nude bed scene. Before, the British actress had already faced the publicists who modified the promotional poster of the HBO production: “Guys I know how many wrinkles my eyes have, please put them back,” he said.

Winslett defends her position so that the public can better identify with her character, Detective Mare Sheehan. “She’s a middle-aged woman … I’ll be 46 in October, I guess that’s why people have connected with this character the way they have because clearly there are no filters. She is an imperfect, fully functioning woman, with a body and face that move in a way that is synonymous with her age, her life, and where she comes from. I think we are a little hungry for that, ”he declared at the presentation.

Actress Kate Winslet during act of firm

Kate Winslet in 2017, in Paris


Winslet, from her star status, and especially from the safety of her 45 years, has decided to stand up to the tyranny of Hollywood, which elevates thinness to synonymous with the perfect body. Since more than two decades ago, she took flight on the prow of the Titanic, playing Rose DeWitt Bukater, along with Leonardo Di Caprio (Jack Dawson), and undressed so that he could paint her “like one of his French girls” her curvy physique has been questioned. That led him to feel ashamed, to spend 12 years without getting on a scale and, what is worse, to consider leaving the cinema. “I remember feeling tremendously harassed by the press, harassed in a horrendous way. They called me weighty Katie, they speculated on what diets he did, how much he weighed … “, the actress recalled about that time in a recent interview.

She even made a name for herself as being a sharp and responsive person. “The media called me to comment on my physical appearance. So they labeled me as being very direct and responsive. I was just defending myself. “

The British has decided not to undress again in front of the cameras after doing it in the acclaimed miniseries ‘Mare of Easttown’

Before Titanic , which shot at the age of 21, the actress worked in Sense and Sensibility , with 19, and thanks to this film she achieved her first Oscar nomination, as a supporting actress. “I was 18, 19, 20, 21 years old … your body changes so much then, you have not even settled on the woman you are going to be. It is an emotional and vulnerable time, ”he spoke in a podcast recorded earlier this year.

This self-esteem of now, Winslet has achieved it based on a lot of effort and psychological work because the criticisms about his physique he suffered since school. In 2017 he gave a talk on bullying at WE Day UK: “. “They called me Blubber (sebum). They ridiculed me for wanting to be an actress, “she said. “When I was 14 years old, an acting teacher told me that maybe I could do well if I played fat girl roles.”


Kate Winslet posed this sexy for Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘Titanic’

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But that professor was wrong and Winslet’s career is as prolific as it is renowned :, which includes titles such as The Reader, Revolutionary Road, Steve Jobs, The Holiday, Secret Games, Iris, Forget About Me, Discovering Neverland , Ammonite … She has been nominated for an Oscar seven times, which she won in 2009 for The reader. In this movie, as in Titanic And now in the Mare of Easttown series, among others, Winslet appears naked, something that has never worried her, but from now on she says not to repeat: “I no longer feel so comfortable doing it. It’s not an age thing, really. There comes a point where people are going to think ‘Oh, she’s going again.’

Winslet loves herself as she is, and brands love her too: Lancôme, Longines and L’Oréal, who have just named her a global spokesperson to convey the idea that women must believe in themselves: “Self-confidence is the can. Never doubt you because we are all worth it ”. The actress recently joined UN Women in its Shadow Pandemic campaign, which aims to motivate and support all those women who suffer from domestic violence in their homes.

At 45, the protagonist of ‘Titanic’
has decided to stand up to the tyranny of Hollywood that extols thinness
like perfection

Kate Winslet has been married three times. With assistant director Jim Threapleton (1998-2001) with whom she had her daughter Mia Honey (20), who has already made her acting debut in the horror film Shades by Italian Carlo Lavagna. Her second husband was the film director Sam Mendes (2003-2010), the result of whose relationship their son Joe Alfie (17) was born. And in 2012 she married Edward Abel Smith – nephew of billionaire Richard Branson – with whom she has had her last child, Bear Blaze (7).

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