Sofía Vergara felt humiliated by Jimmy Kimmel and that’s how she slapped him live: VIDEO

As viewers we are usually unaware of many of the problems that can occur when live television is done, because although it is not seen in front of cameras, make a live program they involve arduous work and above all an almost absolute control of what appears on the screen; However, by their very nature there are situations that escape the hands of producers or drivers, generating sultry scenes and shocking for the audience.

Throughout all of world television there are a large number of uncomfortable moments or interviews that go wrong, which have been remembered, it is only worth mentioning the politicians of Moldova who fought with blows in full transmission just a few days ago or when the Cuban star Niurka Marcos showed her naked breasts in the middle of the show program.

The “annoyance” of the actress was more than notorious. PHOTO: SPECIAL

So it was when Sofía Vergara felt “humiliated” and slapped Jimmy Kimmel

One of these “rare” moments on television occurred a few years ago when the Colombian actress, Sofía Vergara, visited the American comedian’s program Jimmy Kimmel and something strange happened in the middle of the live broadcast.

In those years, the sensual Colombian was the protagonists of “Modern Family”, successful series that in the United States is untouchable, which is why the “Embarrassing” moment that starred the actress and the comedian caused a stir throughout the American union and even transcended borders.

It all happened when, as part of the dynamics of the program Kimmel He invited Vergara to read comments that Internet users had made about both on the Internet, because according to the host and comedian “there is no place in the world more hostile than the comments section of an Internet publication.”

With this idea in mind, the dynamic got off to a good start when Sofia He read a comment that said: “I hate Jimmy Kimmel. He has small eyes and a mouth that never closes,” to which the comedian only managed to say that he agreed.

Then Kimmel read a comment for Vergara, pointing out that he had the jawbone of a manShe was ugly and her voice was more annoying than Fran Drescher’s, Sofia just looked at the driver in amazement and returned the hurtful words with the reading of another of his cards with insults.

Everything got out of hand when Kimmel read a comment card that read: “Sofía Vergara …. Did anyone check to see if he has a penis? ” Words that apparently did not go down well with the actress who immediately slaps the surprised one who was frozen in shock, looking for explanations, in addition to that, before leaving the stage Sofia Vergara She told him annoyed: “It sure is bigger than yours”, thus giving one of the most remembered “embarrassing” scenes on American television.

But something needs to be clarified, it was all about a performance as part of a joke for viewers, Well, they even have a very good relationship.

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