Review of the movie Army of Thieves (Netflix)

Producing and shooting a prequel to a movie that has already worked can be very tempting. You’re not starting from scratch, you inherit the fan base from the original movie and you already have created characters and a universe to work with. But repeating the formula is not always a guarantee of success. Especially if the new plot lacks all the good that praised the first. ‘Army of Thieves’ swaps the zombie apocalypse from ‘Army of the Dead’ for a couple more heists to solve. And this readjustment, of course, takes away quite a few points. This is how we begin our review of the Netflix movie Army of Thieves.


Dieter (Matthias Schweighöfer) has a nondescript life and a peculiar hobby: safes. That is why when a mysterious womanNathalie Emmanuel) proposes to join his army of criminals does not think too much. The objective is to enter the most famous banks in Europe and open the three safes of the master locksmith Hans Wagner. Getting it would be a feat even more valuable than the money that these boxes keep inside.

Army of the Dead prequel
Army of the Dead prequel

Review of the Netflix movie Army of Thieves

Netflix premiered on October 29, 2021 the Army of Thieves movie. A proposal directed by Matthias Schweighöfer “Based on the characters created by Zack snyder”, As can be read in its initial titles. It is promoted as an action, heist, comedy and zombie movie. And after more than half an hour of footage we will be able to perceive the action part, the robberies and the comedy (although the jokes were being very obvious) but … what about the zombies?

It took a while for the critic who writes to get used to the idea but when I finished watching the film I understood that in this story the zombies were anecdotal … Creatures that only appear in the occasional dream of its protagonist and in some images on a television at the bottom of a scene. The Army of Thieves movie intended to function as a prequel to ‘Army of the dead’, the movie that Snyder It also premiered on Netflix in May 2021, and that it was a zombie movie. This one, on the other hand, focuses more (much more) on the robberies than on the half-dead creatures.

Scene from the movie Army of Thieves
Scene from the movie Army of Thieves

What is the movie Army of Thieves about

The Netflix’s Army of Thieves movie tells us the story of Ludwig dieter, which when this movie starts is still called Sebastian and has a deadly boring routine. She combines her hated job as a receptionist at a bank with her love of safes. More specifically to decipher them. Among the most legendary are the safes of Hans wagner, whose whereabouts is already a mystery in itself. Thanks to his knowledge about them, he is contacted by a group of thieves who intend to steal them and thus go down in history.

The rest of the group is made up of Gwendoline (Nathalie Emmanuel), a thief who at the age of 17 stole her first car from her ex-boyfriend who broke her heart. Korina (Ruby O. Fee), a computer expert who hacked ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ before it was released in theaters for her little brother to see. Rolph (Guz khan), a driver who took advantage of his job as a valet to escape thefts in his clients’ vehicles. AND Brad (Stuart martin), a muscular guy with a great physical resemblance to Hugh jackman who doesn’t seem to have any other special talents apart from knowing how to do weights and push-ups.

The lack of chemistry between its cast

Despite having such a large and diverse cast of characters, none of them end up being charismatic enough for you to worry about what’s going to happen to them. The dynamics that are created between them are excessively simple and their lack of chemistry prevents them from being perceived at any time as a cohesive group. Rather, they are five individual characters necessarily fulfilling a stereotypical role that is too large for them.

For example, it is assumed that Gwendoline She is a self-made thief, a strong woman with great ambitions. But the film has a bad habit of silencing her (literally), with a voiceover of the protagonist or a song, when she is about to express a more personal point of her life or her aspirations. There’s also a shoehorn romantic plot that lacks development to be minimally credible. Not to mention the ridiculous antagonist, an Interpol worker (Jonathan Cohen) whose obsession with catching this army of thieves is based solely on personal revenge to reassert his masculinity.

A zombie movie?
A zombie movie?

Will he live up to Zack Snyder?

We will have the certain feeling that the Netflix’s Army of Thieves movie he relies too much on his staging. Items that are not nearly as effective as you think. The slow motion cameras, transitions and graphic overlays on the screen are flourishes that stylistically adorn a story that narratively makes water. It does not matter how many weapons there are about to fire in a scene if those who wield them do not interest us in the least. Schweighöfer functionally direct the tape by referring to Zack snyder, but without being Zack snyder. It ends up being a functional product but without a soul because of a rather weak script.

Final opinion of the Netflix movie Army of Thieves

It doesn’t matter how many slow cameras or frenetic jumps you take to increase the tension. If the key moments are reduced to a man with his ear glued to a safe, the artifice collapses. The Netflix’s Army of Thieves movie It is not up to par with its predecessor, it is not even half as entertaining. And it wasn’t hard to predict that replacing an army of thousands of dead with an army of five thieves was going to lose much of the fun.

Premiere and Technical Sheet

Original title: Army of Thieves
Gender: Thriller, Action
Official Site: Army of Thieves
Country: USA
Idiom: English
Release date in Spain: October 29, 2021 on Netflix
Producer: Pantaleon Films, The Stone Quarry, Film United
Distributor: Netflix
Duration: 127 min.
Year: 2021
Age rating: Not recommended for children under 12 years

Artistic file

Address: Matthias Schweighöfer
Script: Shay Hatten. Character: Zack Snyder. History: Zack Snyder, Shay hatten
Music: Steve Mazzaro, Hans zimmer
Photography: Bernhard Jasper
Distribution: Matthias Schweighöfer, Nathalie Emmanuel, Ruby O. Fee, Stuart Martin, Guz Khan, Jonathan Cohen, Noémie Nakai, Christian Steyer, Dan Bradford, Trent Garrett, Barbara Meier, Trish Osmond, Pavel Gajdos


Netflix's Army of Thieves movie poster
Netflix’s Army of Thieves movie poster



The main problem in the movie Army of Thieves comes down to one of expectations. Not in the sense that it is required to be something it is not (a zombie movie). Rather, the film itself generates expectations from the beginning of its plot that are resolved in another film. And what it solves in this one is not, by far, so interesting as to make up for the wait. Knowing that there is already another movie in which there are already robberies, and also zombies, why choose one in which there are only robberies?


The choreographies and the rhythm of the action scenes.


He nurtures expectations that he knows he cannot meet.

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