Pumas UNAM vs. Club América live online for free for the Liguilla 2021 Liga MX | Minute by minute transmission at the University Olympic Stadium | SPORT-TOTAL

39 ‘PT | Laínez (América) was left claiming a supposed foul and Mozo (Pumas) took the ball from him, sent a cross and almost generated a dangerous play. Solari gets upset in the technical zone.

37 ‘PT | The game is opening in these last minutes. Both teams are looking to do damage on the wings.

35 ‘PT | EIGHT!

The goalkeeper of America kept the ball after a series of rebounds inside the area. Several Pumas players were about to kick.


Cáceres is booked in America for a blow to a rival.

31 ‘PT | R. Sánchez (América) receives medical attention on the field after that foul he received. It seems sense.


Dinenno (Pumas) is booked for a strong foul on R. Sánchez (América).

28 ‘PT | Foul in attack by Pumas on Layún and América will start playing from their field.

26 ‘PT | It should be remembered that the Peruvian Pedro Aquino is a sensitive loss in Club América due to injury. The Peruvian was injured with his team in the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers.

24 ‘PT | Velarde, from Pumas UNAM, is completing 500 matches in Liga MX.

22 ‘PT | Diogo’s hand (Pumas) and the ball out for America, who managed to take a break.


Good play by Pumas that ended with a center to the heart of the area that Dinenno connected and almost scored. The local team continues to insist.

17 ‘PT | America, so far, has not generated any shot on goal or deflection. They cannot progress before the great approach of Pumas.


Layún (America) ate a tunnel in a ball dispute. The audience stood in the stands.

14 ‘PT | Pumas continues to press very high and complicates America.

12 ‘PT | It is worth mentioning that Pumas comes with more filming than America, which has not played since the beginning of this month. For now it is being noticed on the court.


America almost lost a ball on the way out and Dinenno (Pumas) was shaping up to finish off.

10 ‘PT | This is America’s starting team today against Pumas.

9 ‘PT | America is still not in the field. He cannot progress under pressure from Pumas.

5 ‘PT | Best Cougars at the start of the game. America cannot play out of its field.

4 ‘PT | Pumas searched Dinenno with a long ball, but the ball left the field.

2 ‘PT | America today comes out with a 4-5-1, while Pumas forms with a 4-4-2.

1 ‘PT | Pumas tries to have the ball at the start of the game.


The teams enter the field of play! They make their official income!

Great atmosphere at the Olympic University stadium for this new edition of the Capital Classic.

Look at some images from the Club América warm-up.

Pumas and América are already returning to their respective dressing rooms to finish enlisting.

In a few minutes, the first leg of the 2021 Liguilla quarterfinals between Pumas and América will begin.

The teams get ready to carry out their respective warm-up work.


Ochoa, Layún, Aguilera, Cáceres, J. Sánchez, Reyes, Madrigal, R. Sánchez, Fidalgo, Lainez, Viñas.


Today, Club América will wear a new outfit at the Olympic University Stadium.

Review some statistics of the Pumas vs. America.

Club América heading to the stadium for the first leg of the quarterfinals.

Cougars vs. America: possible alignments

Pumas: Alfredo Talavera; Efraín Velarde, Nicolás Freire, Arturo Ortiz, Alan Mozo, Sebastián Saucedo, Leonel López, Erik Lira, Favio Álvarez, Diogo and Juan Dinenno.

America: Guillermo Ochoa; Salvador Reyes, Bruno Váldez, Sebastián Cáceres, Jorge Sánchez; Álvaro Fidalgo, Santiago Naveda, Sebastián Córdova, Miguel Layún and Henry Martín.

Last duels

08-10-2021: Club América 0-1 Pumas UNAM – Friendly
03-10-2021: Club América 2-0 Pumas UNAM – Liga MX
05-02-2021: Pumas UNAM 0-1 Club América – Liga MX
03-10-2020: Club América 2-2 Pumas UNAM – Liga MX
07-07-2020: Pumas UNAM 0-0 Club América – Copa MX
06-03-2020: Pumas UNAM 3-3 Club América – Liga MX
09-14-2019: Club América 1-1 Pumas UNAM – Liga MX
09-07-2019: Club América 0-3 Pumas UNAM – Copa MX
02-17-2019: Pumas UNAM 1-0 Club América – Liga MX
12-09-2018: Club América 6-1 Pumas UNAM – Liga MX

Cougars vs. America: match history

The Pumas vs. America have been regulars in Mexico and the statistics have been even in the 10 most recent direct games: three wins for each side. However, it is necessary to mention that two of the triumphs by the ‘Universitarios’ were in friendlies.

Besides small that sporting crisis, they will have the sensitive loss of Pedro Aquino, who was injured playing with the Peruvian team. Despite the gloomy moment, the Spanish Álvaro Fidalgo appears as the light of hope to guide the ‘Águilas’ to glory. The backing of the experienced Henry Martín and Miguel Layún will be vital.

For its part, the Club América led by Santiago Solari was once again regular in this course and took first place comfortably. However, the closing of the campaign generated many doubts among the fans, taking into account that they lost 2-1 against the ‘Machine’ and then only matched 0-0 with Monterrey.

Without major surprises, the main card they have is Dinenno, with five goals and four assists. Remember that the only match in which the ‘Auriazules’ did not know how to inflate the networks recently was in the defeat at home against Santos Laguna (3-0), but they recovered on the following day, defeating Cruz Azul 4-3.

Despite being the worst classified that is still in the race in search of the title, Pumas will be a rival of great danger. The main task of those led by Andrés Lillini will be to stay firm in the offensive work, as in recent weeks: they scored in seven of the eight most recent presentations.

Where to see America vs. Cougars

In Mexico, TUDN will be the one to broadcast the America vs. Cougars. While in the United States, the official channels that will broadcast the match will be Univision NOW, TUDNxtra, TUDN App, TUDN USA, Univision.

America vs. Cougars

Mexico – 7.00 pm
United States – 5.00 pm Los Angeles time
United States – 7.00 pm Texas time
Peru – 8.00 pm
Ecuador – 8.00 pm
Colombia – 8.00 pm
United States – 8.00 pm Miami time
Bolivia – 9.00 pm
Venezuela – 9.00 pm
Argentina – 10.00 pm
Chile – 10.00 pm
Uruguay – 10.00 pm
Brazil – 10.00 pm
Paraguay – 10.00 pm
Portugal – 1.00 am (Thursday, November 18)
England – 1.00 am (Thursday, November 18)
Italy – 2.00 am (Thursday, November 18)
Spain – 2.00 am (Thursday, November 18)

With 21 units they entered the playoffs where they threw out Toluca by beating it 2-1, although they could have beaten it with a scandal scoreboard. “We can not be favorites because we entered at the last minute, but we are to be tough opponents,” said Lillini ahead of Wednesday’s game at home at the Olympic University Stadium.

In contrast, the Pumas wandered at the bottom of the standings for most of the tournament, even on the fifth date they were sotaneros. After losing to América on date 12 by 2-0, the felines trained by Argentine Andrés Lillini got 13 of the last 15 points they played in the regular phase.

Welcome, friends of El Comercio, to the online broadcast of the match between Pumas and America for the first leg of the Liguilla quarterfinals in Mexico!


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