Profeco, the mobile phone companies with the most complaints

If you are not happy with the service your Internet, telephone or television provider, perhaps it is because it is on the list of those who had more complaints during the second quarter of 2021 in Mexico, which unveiled the Profeco.

If, on the other hand, you are about to sign a contract with one of them, we recommend that you first consult this information before making a decision. The first thing you should know is that during the second quarter of 2021 a total of 5,160 complaints were received in the telecommunications sector, which represents 5% less when compared to the first quarter of the year, according to Profeco.

Profeco, the mobile phone companies with the most complaints. Photo: Freepik

What do they demand more?

The sector that presented the most complaints is the one related to the refusal of the provider to provide the good or service, followed by errors regarding the collection and finally the refusal of the provider to terminate the contract or correct any error in it.

We present a list with the main reasons that customers complained:

  • Refusal to provide good or service: 1370 claims.
  • Unsolicited / authorized product or service: 521 claims
  • Refusal to terminate contract: 514 claims
  • Refusal to correct errors: 446 complaints
  • Calculation error in the collection of services: 422 claims

For their part, the services or goods that had the most complaints from consumers to Profeco are:

  • Mobile telephony: 33%
  • Packaged services: 23.5%
  • Restricted television: 13.3%
  • Terminal equipment: 11.5%
  • Internet 10.7%

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Regarding the telephony section, a total of 308 complaints were filed for fixed telephony and 1704 for mobile telephony. The company that had the most complaints is AT&T, with 874 complaints; then Telcel with 690 complaints and finally Movistar with 153 complaints.

The main complaint from customers is that errors were recorded when calculating the charge and also the refusal to deliver the good or service. For this reason, Profeco indicated that customers have the right to be informed about their consumption until the cut-off date, all free of charge.

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If an improper charge was made, the client can request that the surplus be returned, within a period of no more than 5 days after the complaint has been filed. In the event that the company refuses to provide a good or service, customers can request a refund, compensation or bonus of at least 20% as long as they are up to date on their payments.

Finally, in case the provider does not want to terminate the contract, you have the right to be informed about the procedures, conditions and mechanisms so that you can request the suspension of the service.

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