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Back cover of the book 'The first 100 films of Nicolas Cage', by Paco Alcázar and Torïo García.
Back cover of the book ‘The first 100 films of Nicolas Cage’, by Paco Alcázar and Torïo García.Gee Comics

If the members of Amaral were hung up on “Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas ” (as his song says I would die for you), Paco Alcázar and Torïo García do not stop there. They are obsessed with all the unclassifiable filmography of the actor, his original acting methods, his eccentric private life, his impossible clothes and also, of course, his hairstyles. So much so that on April 25 they published The first 100 films of Nicolas Cage (Caramba Comics), an unclassifiable work. “She is unique, like the actor,” confirms Paco Alcázar (Cádiz, 50 years old), who has portrayed the Hollywood star over and over again for this project, until he lost count. “In addition to the ones that appear in the book, I made about 150 discarded versions. He took them for granted, but when he discovered that he was capable of drawing it better, he discarded them and repeated them again. If we add to that all the cartoons that I have made for dedications and various drawings, I am probably the person on planet Earth who has drawn Nicolas Cage the most times. I already have an epitaph ”, jokes the illustrator, a regular on the pages of Thursday and that he has spent 13 years turning his reflections on cinema into a strip of the magazine Cinemania.

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It was Alcázar who, after feeling an irrepressible desire to review Cage’s complete filmography, began to think about the idea of ​​making a book about the actor in 2016. But he did not want to make a comic and did not see the focus clear. The project stayed in the air until two years later he thought that the best way to approach it was by reviewing all his films. And that’s where Torïo García (Elche, 33 years old) comes in, who, although he lives by giving technical support to a website, has been managing the Facebook page since 2010 NicCagepedia, an exhaustive and neat compendium of the life and miracles (which there are also) of the protagonist of Arizona Baby. “I’m a fan of quite a few of his films, but when I started with the page, I was unleashed an absolute interest in the figure of Nick,” he explains.

The collaboration of these two fatal fans has produced an encyclopedic work in which not only a hundred films by Nicolas Cage are dissected – not a few of them released directly on video – but also his private life (he has been married five times; the last one he tried to annul it at the four days claiming that he was too drunk), his aesthetics (his hair has earned four pages of the book), his millionaire whims (during a season he was compulsively buying castles), sometimes implausible anecdotes from his shootings (he always has something personal to bring to his character) and those extemporaneous outbursts in front of the camera that have made him king of the memes Each title of his career is also accompanied by a degree of interpretive intensity that ranges from “moderate” to “supernova”. A great investigative work seasoned with humor and irony that reveal the authors’ admiration for their character.

Nicolas Cage in 'Arizona Baby', according to Paco Alcázar.
Nicolas Cage in ‘Arizona Baby’, according to Paco Alcázar.

But why does Nicolas Cage deserve so much attention and not other actors of his generation, such as Johnny Depp? “It is difficult to explain. I like a lot of other actors and actresses, but there’s something about Cage that he ends up doing click in your head ”, answers Torïo García. Alcázar develops his partner’s response: “Nicolas Cage combines a lot of very interesting things. To begin with, he is an actor with a very broad career, which is almost a dramatic arc in itself: he begins in independent cinema, then he wins an Oscar [Leaving Las Vegas, 1995], goes on to become a superstar, works with the best directors of his generation, then goes bankrupt and has to start making low-budget films, becomes an icon on social networks and succeeds again in independent cinema … In addition, he has a unique and non-transferable interpretive technique [bautizada por él como Nouveau Shamanic], that alienates him from any actor in his field, and his personal life is full of crazy decisions and as exciting as his appearances on screen. Sure, other actors are also interesting figures, but hardly that interesting. “

Alcázar recognizes that there are films by the actor that it has been difficult for him to review (“with some, your soul may fall a bit at your feet, but suddenly Nicolas Cage appears, makes an impossible gesture in a microsecond and you regain your faith completely”, jokes), but Garcia swears he has seen them all “in depth.” “There are difficult stages, especially at the time when productions with very irregular fur began to be shot piecemeal. Even so, it always pays to keep going, because you will always find a gem ”.

Paco Alcázar and Torïo García, authors of 'The first 100 films of Nicolas Cage'.
Paco Alcázar and Torïo García, authors of ‘The first 100 films of Nicolas Cage’.

Apart from Cage’s filmography, the book also looks at more personal aspects of the star. “In his case, what cannot be separated is the actor from the man,” argues García. “His person has ended up being as excessive as his characters and it is difficult to determine what has influenced what. Do you imbue aspects of your peculiar life in your characters or are your characters the ones that have ended up permeating your life? Probably both ”. Alcázar agrees: “At first, it was not so clear that he wanted to delve into his private life, but his biographical material is fascinating and, in some way, helps to understand or even feed back on the actor Nick, which makes it difficult to separate one thing from other”.

After reading the book, the only doubt that the reader may have about its protagonist is how he would react to being portrayed in this way. They also ask him and that is why they are trying to get it to him, acknowledges Torïo. “There are several lines open and I hope we get it. I don’t know what he will think, but in recent years he has ended up embracing and taking advantage of the popularity of his memes on the internet, so I think you might like it. In addition, even if he has humor, it is still an ode to his work ”.

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