Moisés Muñoz made a Jorge Campos joke and they tell him: ‘You don’t get to him’

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The match between Pumas and America was so bad of the Quarterfinals that in the TUDN broadcast they found a “standupero” among his commenters. Moisés Muñoz threw a joke at the beginning of the second half that even his teammates branded him as “sympathies”, but on social media they tore him to pieces for – supposedly – trying to be like Jorge Campos.

“It seems that there are no changes,” said Raúl Pérez, narrator for the complementary part, to which Moisés Muñoz said: “There is change, Raúl, there is a change”. When his partner asked him what the change was, the America’s exporter said: “Pumas changed sides to attack in the second half”… After that there were committed laughter and the occasional criticism of Kikín Fonseca.

AND the fame of “funny” was no longer taken away by Muñoz in the rest of the transmission because around minute 70, while they criticized the low intensity and spectacle in Ciudad Universitaria at the start of the Liguilla, they affirmed that they preferred that than to listen to another joke from the analyst, who was beaten in networks.

Memes destroy the joke of Moisés Muñoz

Since everything on Twitter goes viral in a minute, the joke of Moisés Muñoz generated dozens of comments. The amazing thing is that managed to unite fans of America and Pumas with a common goal, criticize him for being “copión” by Jorge Campos and “a lousy analyst who always supports the Eagles.”

With memes, gifs, some insults and many negative comments was how the tweeting community reacted to the performance of Moses in TUDNAnd incidentally, they blew up the Kikín Fonseca, although this time “he neither owes it nor fears it,” but he took away his criticism anyway.


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