Mexico will arrive at ‘Age of Empires III’ with everything and El Grito de Dolores

We are heading towards the end of 2021 and the surprises continue in the field of video games. Now, the news is spreading from the Age Of Empire III: Definitive Edition, which will bring us a very exciting downloadable content (DLC) with our country and its history as settings for the new missions.

Recently, it was announced that Microsoft’s iconic title will launch the installment Mexico Civilization at the beginning of December and yes: it will have references to historical events such as the Independence, the Cry of Dolores and more. Are you going to enter to set up the game?

Mexico will arrive at 'Age of Empires III' with everything and El Grito de Dolores

Photo: Microsoft.

Mexico will arrive at ‘Age of Empires III’

The good comes with Age Of Empires III: Definitive Edition. As you may recall, the game was launched in 2020 as a remastering of the original installment to celebrate its 15th anniversary and since then, it has not stopped surprising us with each new content that it adds to its platform.

This time, it is Mexico the country that sets the stage and history. The DLC was announced by Xbox Games Studios and Microsoft last Monday, November 22 and describes them like this: “Born of a fierce insurgency against Spanish colonial rule, the young Mexican nation asserted itself and triumphed despite numerous revolutions and invasions“.

Mexico will arrive at 'Age of Empires III' with everything and El Grito de Dolores

Photo: Microsoft

What does this mean? Well, with Mexico Civilization We will have the opportunity to enter the Historical Battles mode, where we will introduce ourselves, for example to the Cry of Dolores, which was the event with which the Independence of Mexico began.

Another very interesting thing that the new DLC will incorporate, is that users can choose to start the Revolt instead it advances to Fortress, Imperial, and Industrial age modes. It also highlights the Mexican Fiesta modality, which will be 31 challenges to celebrate the states of the nation. If they complete each test, they will be able to access special content.

Check out the new trailer for Age Of Empires III: Mexico Civilization so they can see what we’re talking about.


And when can we put together this little gem?

Do not eat cravings because the new installment of Age Of Empires III based in Mexico will be available as of December 1 to come. And the best thing is that you can already preorder it on the Steam and Microsoft sites for only 65 pesos. A Christmas offer of those not to miss.

In addition, on the same launch day, those who have already downloaded the Civilization of the United States, will be able to access the historical battle of the “Fire of the USS Philadelphia”. And if they already have both American and Mexican civilizations, they will also be able to access the “Battle of Queenston Heights”. They already have the data. There we are seeing each other to start the game.

If you wonder why some national symbols do not appear in the game’s trailer, the creators explained that in fact, in their research to develop the delivery, they found that the use of the flag and shield cannot be used by other instances other than the Mexican government itself (HERE the explanation).

Mexico will arrive at 'Age of Empires III' with everything and El Grito de Dolores

Photo: Microsoft.

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