Maxi Meza is the best player of the 2021 Apertura of Liga MX

Maxi Meza de Rayados de Monterrey was named the best player of the 2021 Apertura of Liga MX. Photo: AFP

After finishing the regular phase of the 2021 Apertura tournament of Liga MX, Maxi Meza of Rayados de Monterrey was named the best player of the contest, according to a study carried out by the company Olocip, specialized in artificial intelligence.

According to the analysis carried out by artificial intelligence, the Argentine winger of Monterrey, Maximiliano Meza, was the player with the highest accumulated value with his actions and therefore the MVP of the MX League of the 2021 Opening tournament.

The company specialized in artificial intelligence explains that for the analysis it is essential to understand that what is important is not the number of actions that a player takes, but the value that these actions generate. It is also essential take into account the context of the match in which such actions take place (period and minute of the match, match result and home team).

Additionally, the value can be added by type of action (passes, shots, recoveries, etc.) to identify lThe strengths and weaknesses of players and teams.

The ideal XI of the 2021 Apertura of Liga MX

According to the analysis made by artificial intelligence, it was released the ideal XI of the 2021 Apertura of the MX League.

Therefore, the ideal XI is made up of the players with the most impact:

R. Costa (Leon) in goal.

OR. Ortega (Toluca), W. Tesillo (León) and A. Ortíz (Pumas) in defense.

A. Zendejas (Necaxa), Á. Fidalgo (Americto), Quiñones (Tigres) and D. Valdés; in the half court

R. Sambueza (Toluca), M. Meza (Monterrey) and N. López (Tigres); in the front.

THE ideal XI of the 2021 Apertura of the MX League.

Top 5 players with the greatest offensive, defensive and game-building impact

To theOn offense, the most prominent men were Nicolás López (Tigres) and Julio Furch (Atlas), the first with the greatest impact in attack and the second with the greatest number of offensive actions in the contest. Despite this, the rojinegro did not enter the ideal XI due to his low impact.

In defense he highlighted Nicolás Freire (Pumas) on impact and Félix Torres (Santos) in frequency. In this area, aspects such as interceptions, recoveries, blocked balls, clearances, defensive duels in the air and on the ground, as well as fouls, were taken into account.

Rubens Sambueza (Toluca) monopolized in the section “Construction of the game”, where total passes, set pieces and on the wing, drives and second plays were taken into account. The Red Devils figure was first in value and third in frequency, being the only one that appeared in the two tables.

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