Matrix, Spider-Man and the rest of the audiovisual plans for December

Where: On Netflix.

That: Let’s flip another coin to Henry Cavill, who is back on the rampage with a second season that promises to take this dark fantasy of sword and witchcraft to new heights of delight for his fans. Among which, of course, is himself.

For whom: For those interested in continuing to enjoy a universe full of monsters and muscles.

Being the Ricardos

When: Tuesday 21.

Where: On Amazon Prime Video.

That: The relationship between Lucille Ball (Nicole Kidman) and Desi Arnaz (Javier Bardem), both on and off the set of I love you lucy, is analyzed by the clinical eye of an Aaron Sorkin willing to break down the barriers between reality and representation.

For whom: To investigate the private life of one of the most fascinating couples in American pop culture.

Matrix Resurrections

When: Wednesday 22.

Where: In theaters.

That: His argument is one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood, but it makes sense that it should be so: the only way to discover what Lana Wachowski has cooked for us this time is to take the red pill, if possible in front of the biggest screen we can find. .

For whom: To feel like 1999 again.

West Side Story

When: Wednesday 22.

Where: In theaters.

That: They say that Steven Spielberg was preparing a biopic of Leonard Bernstein when he realized that what he really wanted to do was shoot his West Side Story. So here we have the second official remake of his career.

For whom: For musical addicts who want to believe in great cinema again.

Don’t look up

When: Friday 24.

Where: On Netflix.

That: An all-star cast comes together for a good cause. The best, in fact: Adam McKay has written and directed an excessive satire on climate change that does not hesitate to accuse governments, the media and anyone who passes by of contributing to the disaster.

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