Leonardo DiCaprio shares a photo of a Chilean glacier

The American actor published a photograph of the northern ice field, located in the Aysén Region, to detail the problems posed by rising temperatures on the planet.

Leonardo Dicaprio shared a photograph of one of the glaciers of Chile, located in the Aysén region, to highlight the work of planning of protected areas on the planet.

This is an image of the north ice field, which is located in the south of the country and has an area of 4,200 square kilometers.

The American actor himself shared a text released by Yale Environment 360, a magazine specialized in topics environmental, who described that the north ice field “it’s found among the few habitats expected to support the increased temperatures, making it a potential haven for wildlife. “

As the world heats up, conservationists and governments will seek to protect more areas like this, “he added.

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“By mid-century, much of the earth’s surface will experience weather conditions significantly different from the current ones, “they warned, stating that” planning protected areas in such a world will require a creative approach to conservation, including identifying future refuges for many species and establishing vital wildlife corridors. “

And it was stated that “the problem has become increasingly urgent as more nations support the goal of place 30% of the earth’s continents and oceans in protected areas by 2030. Many protected areas will become less and less suitable for the type of organisms and ecosystems for which they were created. “

“Scientists are now looking for places where it is likely that climate change occurs more slowly than in the surrounding areas. They call these places ‘shelters’“, they complemented.

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