LeBron James spoke of the blow he gave to Isaiah Stewart with Lakers


LeBron James was sent off for the second time in the NBA due to a hit to Isaiah Stewart. The Los Angeles Lakers star broke the silence and spoke about the controversy.

LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart
© Getty ImagesLeBron James and Isaiah Stewart

The world of NBA lived one of the scenes that no fan would want to witness. In the game Los Angeles Lakers vs. Detroit Pistons a pitched battle was about to be started by a blow to the face from LeBron James to Isaiah Stewart. ‘The king’ It happened to be in the eye of the hurricane due to the intentionality of the impact it gave the rival.

Once met the severity of LeBron’s blow to Stewart and the sanction to James by the NBA, the most anticipated word arrived. Bron returned to play with the Lakers and in the victory suffered against the Indiana Pacers he spoke about the impact he gave the Pistons player.

LeBron did not hesitate to accept that he made a mistake and that was shown in the first thing he did after hitting Isaiah Stewart and being sent off at the Lakers, but ‘The king’ did not remain silent, criticized the suspension game they gave him and He explained the blow to the face to his rival.

“Rob Pelinka called me. I missed your call. As soon as I checked my phone and it was a missed call, I said, ‘I know I’m suspended. I mean, it sucks, but whatever ”, LeBron James affirmed about the suspension that the NBA gave him.

The most anticipated word: LeBron James spoke of the blow to Isaiah Stewart in the NBA

According Lebron James, an action by Isaiah Stewart was what caused him to end up hitting Isaiah Stewart in the face and leaving his right eye bleeding. Words more, words less, ‘The king’ he was expelled by accident.

“What happened is: it was a fight for a rebound at the free throw line, his elbow made me lose my balance a bit. I tried to slide and move down on his arm the left side of my hand brushed her face. I knew immediately (…) I went to apologize to him and you saw what happened after that. Definitely accidental, I’m definitely not that type of gamer. I hated to see that, which escalated after that. “LeBron James explained about the hit he gave Isaiah Stewart.


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