Kenita Larraín remembered the occasion when she was mistaken for Cameron Díaz

In the midst of this pandemic, Kenita Larraín was confused with the American actress and model Cameron Díaz, and even she knows about the Chilean.

The model will tell the anecdote in an upcoming episode of “La Divina Comida”, where she will be invited along with other former contestants.

“What happens is that once in Peru there was a very famous party, which was held in Cuzco, then all of Peru knew that Cameron Díaz was going to that party,” he started by telling Jacqueline Pardo, Iván Cabrera and Felipe Izquierdo.

“They had to take me out with guards”

«Well, they hired me from Panamericana TV to do a program, by chance we spent the day of the party in Cuzco. Panamericana Televisión de Perú wanted me to come up with something typical, so I was testing myself in a store. Then people began to accumulate outside, because they thought it was her, but a short story they had to take me out with guards, “confessed Kenita Larraín.

However, his connection with the American does not end there, since the numerologist said that they told the actress about her.

“Once, a journalist from the magazine ‘Cosas’ told me that when Cameron Díaz came to Chile she gave him a photo of me and said ‘look, her name is María Eugenia and here they say she looks like you’. He saw the photo, he died of laughter, as he smiled and kept it, “he closed.

The guests for the new chapter of “The Divine Food”

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