Keanu Reeves divides Marvel Studios fans

Actor Keanu Reeves recently said that he would be delighted to join the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe. But… what do the fans think?

We would like to know your opinion about the possibility of Keanu reeves this in Marvel studios. The most intense rumors place them as the new Ghost rider, a choice that would be quite shocking, but not all fans are so clear.

Recent words from Keanu reeves, where he said it would be an honor to join Marvel studios Because they are doing things very well, it has generated a lot of online conversation. Since some are wishing to see it as Ghost rider, others want him to be another character and finally there are people who think that he does not fit into the UCM.

Here are some comments from fans:

I believe that Keanu reeves is perfect for Ghost rider.

Keanu reeves has been my choice to play Ghost rider For a long time, and given his love for motorcycles, he seems like the perfect match.

Listen i love the Marvel Studios Universe. I really do. But if you’re going to play any character in a superhero universe, you should be the one Dr. Victor Fries from DC Comics. But Ghost rider… I really appreciate that Keanu reeves love motorcycles but Ghost rider It should be a Mexican-American or Native-American guy in his early thirties from a vacant place in the Southwest.

I would love to see it as Ghost rider. Nevertheless, Gabriel Luna should be the Ghost rider from Marvel studios, did it perfect in the role in the series Agents of SHIELD.

There are only 2 characters I want you to play, if you get the chance: Wolverine or Mr. Sinister. But above all Wolverine Yes Hugh jackman does not come back for him.

If he really becomes a superhero of Marvel should be Gambit.

Everybody thinks of Wolverine, but that’s an easy choice. I think it should stay in the category of X Men And be Beast.

I think we should find out if it is better for him to be a hero or a villain. Then find out who is not physically strong but magically or cosmically powerful.

Could be Harvester or Wolverine, only Keanu reeves can interpret it after Hugh jackman and we all agree with that.

For now, follow the debate on social networks, we will have to wait a while to find out who he could play. But what is clear is that the most popular options are Ghost rider and Wolverine. While they decide we can see all the deliveries of the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe on the streaming platform Disney Plus.

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